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MTO jobs in banks: Lucrative option for the freshers

| Updated: October 06, 2021 23:30:47

MTO jobs in banks: Lucrative option for the freshers

As things are getting back to normalcy after a prolonged period of lockdown, the job market is witnessing hundreds of job exams going on here and there. One of the sought after jobs, specially for students from business and social science backgrounds, is the post of a Management Trainee Officer or MTO at banks, multinational companies (MNCs) and some other industries. It is a probationary period for aspirants of higher executive jobs at a certain company.
The MTO job at a bank is not one specific task. Rather, the responsibilities are mixed and one is allowed to work in all the different departments within a bank, to learn the trade. Finally, after a one year probationary period, one can choose the department s/he would like to work in. In this sense, MTO might be called a combination of different jobs. In reality, MTOs are given different ranks and rank names, with equivalent responsibilities of a general MTO programme at a bank.
"It's a fast-track to the executive jobs, like the post of assistant vice president at a bank. After one year of probationary period, you become a senior officer at a bank, which would otherwise take a lot of time," says Mazed Nasim, who is working as an MTO equivalent officer at a private bank in Dhaka. "The benefits are good. You earn Tk 40,000 to 60,000 per month as salary, with holidays and other compensations, almost equaling those of a senior officer," adds Mr Nasim.
The job requirements for an MTO are almost similar to most other skilled jobs in the country. A master's degree is a must. Subject of choice is set by the banks, but most common choices are business, social-science and mathematical backgrounds. Common skills preferred by the MTO employers are communication, negotiation skills, computer literacy, etc.
"The requirements vary from bank to bank, even from job to job. It is not a constant set of demands. But some skills, such as negotiation and communication are a must for bank jobs," explains the officer.
Just like the requirements, different banks follow different procedures for hiring an MTO. A general structure could be a primary screening -- a primary sorting by the banks based on their needs, an MCQ exam comprising English, mathematics, general knowledge and analytical ability portion, written aptitude test on English, Bangla and other subjects. After this rigorous process, a handful of candidates make it to the viva and secure jobs.
Preparation for an MTO job requires a good skill in English and math primarily. In English, sound grammar knowledge and vocabulary is a must. Mathematics is mainly analytical in nature and mostly from GRE/GMAT or BBA/MBA admission test level. There is puzzle solving which will again test your analytical abilities. Skill in general knowledge and Bangla is also necessary if you want to apply to different banks.
"About a six-month worth of proper preparation is enough for applying to an MTO job in a bank. You can go to coaching centres, but they may not give you the whole package like a university admission test. Instead, there are different places for different skills. The main preparation is in your hand," details Mr Nasim.
MTOs are a very lucrative option for fresh graduates. But knowing your skills and short-comings will help you apply for the proper positions. As Mr Nasim remarks, "If you are not strong in communication or do not have a proper negotiation skill, this job is not for you."

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