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Nature Summit kicks off in Chattogram

A joyous moment as the 13th National Nature Summit was inaugurated at Saint Placids' School in Chattogram recently
A joyous moment as the 13th National Nature Summit was inaugurated at Saint Placids' School in Chattogram recently

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Notre Dame Nature Study Club (NDNSC) kicked off the beginning of the month through its inaugural divisional fest of the 13th National Nature Summit at the Saint Placids' School in Chattogram.
Climate change today is a global phenomenon and an ever-looming threat, especially for low-lying countries such as Bangladesh. Despite not being a major contributor to rising global CO2 levels, Bangladesh is still in the most vulnerable position.
With a mission to help create a sustainable future by incorporating the voice of youth, and empowering them to take climate action, NDNSC in partnership with the Department of Environment under the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change hosted the summit as part of the club’s goal.
The Nature Summit comes with a unique twist this time as it will not be a one-off initiative, but rather a nationwide fest that will take place across all eight divisions of the country over the course of the next five months, from July to November 2022. This is part of efforts to conduct a nationwide awareness campaign as a reminder that we may be the last generation capable of reversing climate change. Over 600 participants from more than 20 institutions joined the inaugural event. The five-month event is expected to gather prominent speakers, including local partners, researchers, and current and former college students.
The summit featured a diverse suite of events such as Nature Quiz, Art Competition, Wall Magazine and Green Marathon.
Mohibul Hasan Chowdhury, deputy minister, Ministry of Education, and Advocate Gloria Jharna Sarker, member of parliament for Women's Reserved Seat-30 attended the event as chief guest and guest of honour respectively, while Dr Father Hemanto Pius Rozario, the principal of Notre Dame College, Dhaka chaired the event. The inauguration ceremony was also graced by special guests Hillol Biswas, director, Department of Environment, Chittagong Metropolitan Office, and the Principal of Saint Placid's School and College, Brother Subrata Leo Rozario..
"In the environment, every little organism is important for our existence, and even the mightiest of us depends on the other. I see before me the future that Bangabandhu dreamt of, and I wholeheartedly believe that you can build better and greener earth. I congratulate Notre Dame Nature Study Club for pulling off such a miraculous festival and wish them good luck," remarked Mohibul Hasan Chowdhury, joining the event virtually.
"Nothing is beyond the environment; that's why all of us are precious to the green movement. Only our aggregated contribution can change our world for the better. The 13th National Nature Summit is a great initiative from Notre Dame Nature Study Club and I wish them the best of luck for all future remaining seven divisional festivals," added Gloria Jharna Sarker, Member of Parliament for Women's Reserved Seat-30, attending the event in-person.
Brother Subrata Leo Rozario quoted the festival as a 'revolution in national festivals' and made equally appreciative remarks about the festival.
The event concluded with a prize-giving ceremony for the participants. The next divisional fest is scheduled to be held on July 29 at the Saint Philip's School and College in Dinajpur.

The writer is an undergraduate student at the Asian University for Women, Chattogram.
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