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Preparing future generation to deal with crises

Ismiat Zerin | Published: June 17, 2020 22:07:04 | Updated: June 21, 2020 18:22:01

Preparing future generation to deal with crises

Experiences help things get better, don't they? As Indira Gandhi said, "Every new experience brings its own maturity and a greater clarity of vision."

The world is a place of resilience where people with determination secure their places. Pandemics have hit us in the past before and with proper strategies, we have stood back up on our feet. Businesses and economies need to adapt, reinvigorate and originate for survival in this time of crisis. Preparing the future generation to deal with this crisis is the brunt purpose of 'BriefCase- Inter University 360° Business Strategy Competition'.

East West University Business Club (EWUBC) promotes leadership and entrepreneurship with the object of coalescing students with the world of actual businesses. This time, EWUBC is aiming for more than this by organising its flagship event 'BriefCase- Inter University 360° Business Strategy Competition' sponsored by Daraz. 'BriefCase' stands out among every business competitions as it emplaces a diversified set of cases based on every aspect of business including finance, marketing, management and supply chain. Despite having dissimilar interests, any student would find this competition to be in their favour.

Current situation has compelled activity of this competition to be regulated online because safety of everyone is the foremost concern at this moment. Ingenious students around our nation are now stuck at home with thousands striking ideas to execute. 'BriefCase' will be allowing these undergrads to enforce their get-up-and-go in a dynamic platform. EWUBC ensures that the participants from all over the country of this competition get to have phenomenal experiences and learn enormously about the beyond academics ingenuous world. 'BriefCase' will provide more than experience because top three participants will get the respective monetary prizes -- Tk 25,000, Tk 15,000 and Tk 10,000.

This time 'BriefCase' is designed into three rounds. Before the competition starts, a workshop will be conducted on June 25 to benefit participants improvise their talents more effectively. After the workshop, participants will be given a case on the very day. Qualified partakers will move on to the semifinal round and solve a case through Facebook campaigning. Survivors will attend the grand finale and the task to be done remains a twist for now. These rounds will be held on the consecutive dates -- June 25, June 30 and July 07.

Most importantly, 'BriefCase' this time is giving undergrads the opportunity to participate individually. There will be no requirement for any human interaction, which is the safest way to do anything at this moment. Hence, one can live anywhere in Bangladesh right now and still make the best out of their time. The rounds will be demonstrated accordingly so that every participant can solve the cases all by themselves without facing any problem. Now that every undergrad is having more than enough time to focus on themselves, BriefCase can be a good purpose for them to keep up their pace of productivity and creativity.

For a successful execution, 'BriefCase- Inter University 360° Business Strategy Competition' sponsored by Daraz has partnered up with various organisations as well. As partners 'BriefCase' has Torun as youth content partner, Radio Today as radio partner, Jago FM as coverage partner, Financial Express as English online media partner, Samakal as online media partner and ICE Business Times as knowledge partner.

Registration for 'BriefCase' will start from June 18, 10 pm. East West University Business Club and BriefCase both have their official Facebook pages which one can visit to get the link to register. Students can also visit Daraz's app and website to conveniently register themselves for 'BriefCase'.

The writer is third year student at Department of Business Administration at East West University. She can be reached at ismiat.zee@gmail.com

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