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Prime Bank officials pay tribute to teachers on World Teachers' Day

Prime Bank officials pay tribute to teachers on World Teachers' Day

On the occasion of 'World Teachers' Day, Prime Bank officials takes this great opportunity to express their respect and gratitude to all the teachers of Bangladesh to go above and beyond to share their knowledge, support and inspire the youth of our nation.


They have shared memorable stories and reminisced their life-changing success stories to their favourite teachers.


Indeed a teacher’s role in one’s life is crucial and Prime Bank acknowledges the selfless love effort and patience a teacher showers to inhibit all the values within a child to be successful in life. In all means, a teacher is an artist; a craftsman helping to mold one’s nature and personality. After parents, it is a teacher who contributes in not only in nurturing a child’s talent but only develops his understanding of justice, principles, ethics and ideals. With the unprecedented pandemic befalling on mankind, when the world was on halt, education wasn’t. It would be unconscionable not to acknowledge this incredible determination and relentless labor teachers have shown in concealing the fragility of life from the young minds and continuing in instilling a strong sense of shared empathy, kindness and hope within them.


Prime Bank thanks all the wonderful teachers for keeping their students before their needs and demonstrating great leadership and innovation in ensuring that learning never stops.


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