Social business ideas to make the world better

Mir Zayed | Published: December 05, 2018 22:32:58 | Updated: December 06, 2018 15:00:41

The term 'Social Entrepreneurship' carries a huge significance in today's world. Social entrepreneurs have been leaving their remarks in the minds of people over the years and have been regarded as the protagonists to become the change makers of the world. In the year 2010, Ahmed Ashkar and Bertil Hult came up with a revolutionary idea of gathering all the bright social entrepreneurs around the world in the form of a competition named, 'The Hult Prize.'

Hult Prize is a yearlong annual competition. One thousand students from 25 countries participate in this competition where their primary focus is launching social enterprises. Every year, different university champions (teams) get the opportunity to represent their countries in the most prominent premises- 'Global Round' after successfully winning the 'Campus Round' and 'National Round.' The winning team of this competition will be awarded an  investment of US$ 1 million seed capital to implement their  social enterprise idea. Hult Prize along with the United Nations collaborated bringing out the excellent ideas from the bright minds around the world. They have a motto of leading a generation to change the world by solving the stereotypic social issues such as food security, water issues, dowry, child labour, energy, education etc.

For the first time, North South University is going to organise the campus round of this prestigious competition. North South University has a reputation for producing brilliant minds over the years. This competition will be a useful platform for the students of NSU to make their university and country proud. The registration started on the night of November 24, and the organising committee is already getting a good response.

Interested participants may get ready with the group of three or  four members to shine on the one of the most prestigious platform of the world to win the 'Noble Prize award for the students'. Soon, there will be a workshop for the students where they will know more about this competition and gather more knowledge from the experienced icons.

The writer is a student of North South University. He can be reached at mirzayed12@gmail.com

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