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Team Bertho: Bangladeshi platform gains global appreciation documenting life stories

| Updated: December 09, 2021 00:19:28

Members of Team Bertho. Members of Team Bertho.

Team Bertho, a Bangladeshi platform that collects life lessons and stories from people of all walks of life around the globe, was honoured with the prestigious Diana Award 2021. 

Founded in 2016, the organisation aim to work for education and community build-up through spreading human wisdom. Their projects have received recognition and appreciation from people all over the world. 

Through the hands of three ninth-graders, Murshidul-Redwanul-Faiaz, Team Bertho started its journey back in November 2016. 

They picked the name 'Bertho' which raised many questions. ‘Bertho’ stands for ‘unsuccessful’ or ‘vain’ in Bengali. It is the stories of failed ventures that carve the pathway of success because failures teach us valuable lessons - this is the reason behind taking such a name. 

From a tiny friends group creating skits to address social issues, now Team Bertho has become an organisation leaving their impact on 75+ countries in every continent all over the world. Till now Team Bertho has shared life lessons with more than 350 thousand people.

In their five-year-old journey, Team Bertho created a platform that, through sharing stories, has created a healthy culture where people can learn from each other. They regard this as ‘Cross-Pollination of Education and Wisdom.’ 

Team Bertho documents life stories of people to have humane solutions for humane problems and presents them in many formats such as Audio in Berthodoler Caravan, Graphic Texts and Text in Human Heroes. 

Even they published a book called ‘Fueling Hope’ earlier this year. Team Bertho’s live series ‘Ichi-go Ichi-e’ addressed various issues regarding mental health including self-acceptance, getting over mental trauma and finding hope after that, the utility of yoga for a better living, etc. 

Team Bertho published their book Fueling Hope, dedicating it as a love letter from them to the world.

One of the founders, Murshidul, was justly stimulated by his scout Teacher Md Helal Uddin-- from ‘Faizur Rahman Ideal Institute,’ about the integrity and fulfilling nature of selfless acts of empathy. 

Since then, serving the community by spreading words of wisdom sieved through the lens of individual perspective, in the end creating an inclusive and peaceful society, has always been the main incentive for him. 

For Ridwanul, another founder of Team Bertho, the bond of brotherhood and the stimulation of being able to work in a creative platform along with getting to know people from all social classes brought him and kept him on this journey. 

Team Bertho’s Resource Head Fahmina Faiz Semonty has been with the group since 2019 and has been part of Team Bertho’s most major projects. 

Here, Raisa Raya, 20, an artist from Bangladesh drew The Girl and the Bucket of Hope, being inspired by a life lesson documented in Team Bertho.

Each venture and presentation of Team Bertho is the reflection of the members’ minds, consciences and souls. And the core of each project, the life lessons, are images of people-- brave enough to state in front of the whole world who they are, what they wish for, what are their fears, their longings, and regrets. 

From a Clinician in Tanzania to a Sustainable Communication & Strategy Official in Germany, to a Hypnotherapist & Wellness Coach in UAE, to a Poet from Australia, to a Transgender female in Bangladesh — Team Bertho have now formed a global connection through empathy and eliminating barriers.

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