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Team Project Altair from IUT in top 10 in the International Rover Design Challenge

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Best in Bangladesh, Team Project Altair of The Islamic University of Technology stood 1st among all teams representing Bangladesh in the International Rover Design Challenge 2023.

The International Rover Design Challenge is an off-site virtual competition where the designs of participating teams are judged on multiple aspects, and only the top 20 make it into the final list. 

More than 35 Teams from all around the world participated in the International Rover Design Challenge this year; among these were 'Project Altair' representing the Islamic University of Technology alongside 'Team Durbar' of KUET, 'Team Ogrodoot' of RUET, 'Mongol Barota' of MIST, 'Team Interplanetar' of BUET - all representing Bangladesh.
Team Altair clinched their place among the Top 10 ahead of all the other teams from Bangladesh, making them the rightful owners of the title 'Best in Bangladesh.'

96 Students from various backgrounds ranging from Electrical, software, mechanical, science, documentation, and management team worked day and night, even during their semester finals, to put together this project, which all paid off in the end.

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