The story of life frozen in frames

Published: April 11, 2019 00:27:29 | Updated: April 11, 2019 19:40:38

A partial view of the photo exhibition arranged by Asian University for Women Photography Club (AUWPC) in the port city

Asian University for Women Photography Club (AUWPC) hosted the seventh edition of its signature event, AUW Photo Carnival on its campus on April 05 and 06.  Over the last few years, photographers from home and abroad have sent their photos to this carnival to exhibit their excellence and dedication towards the field. This year, the exhibition hosted photographers from all around the world.

About the event

 The carnival's planning started from as early as October last year. This time the carnival hosted three "Chobir Adda" (disucssion on photography) sessions with the major photographers and experts in the field, namely- Prito Reza, Saud Al Faisal and Jannatul Mawa. They were also the judges of the event. People visiting the exhibition were awed by the quality and magnificence of the photos.  The carnival included an  open session in which anyone could sing or perform.

The carnival arranged dinner for all the organisers, judges and performers at Hotel Peninsula on the concluding day.

Words from the visitors and participants

The viewers of the event included people from all social backgrounds, and they were all encouraged to appreciate and analyse the photographs. A viewer from Afghanistan said, "This exhibition has helped me look deep into the eyes of others. It has helped me see from the perspectives of others and how they treat the world."

Another viewer from Syria says, "Attending this exhibition has been a life-changing event for me. To be able to be in the middle of these wonderful and enthusiastic people has helped me realise that the photography circle is incredible here in Chattogram." Many of the viewers were seen glued to certain photos and wondering the hidden meanings they tried to convey.

The participants showed great enthusiasm, as they were seen talking among each other. One of the participants, who has sent his photo to the exhibition, said, "It has been an honour to showcase my work to viewers from the entire world. I am thankful to AUW, and the photography club for giving me this opportunity. I have been able to share my thoughts and my passion with an audience bigger than I had ever thought of."

Words from the organisers

The photography club of AUW is led by an all-female organising crew. One of the organisers, Ms Tanusree, said, "It is a good way to experience something like this amazing photo carnival. I am so glad to be part of the organising team. Everybody worked so hard for this and hoped that it is going to be successful like previous years. We tried to ensure the visitors, participants, sponsors, etc. had a great time at the venue."

The organisers felt that due to the active presence from all the stakeholders, the event was a success and they plan to continue the legacy forward in the upcoming years. They also plan to work on the suggestions provided by the participants and viewers and incorporate certain changes in the next events.

The AUWPC has always supported promising photographers and has made a point to uncover the inner zeal in the South Asian women, which helps them recognise the inner photographers in them.

The annual photography carnival is a platform for photographers, organisers and judges to come together and celebrate their pure love for photography.

The article has been prepared by the team of AUWPC.

E-mail: auwpc.auwphotographyclub@gmail.com

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