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Time to introduce EdTech in classrooms

| Updated: May 20, 2021 00:23:18

Time to introduce EdTech in classrooms

The revolution of technology in education is changing the way we study. Interaction between the instructors and learners has been more engaging now through the advancement of EdTech. And the progress found a real push amid this ongoing pandemic situation.

Education Technology or EdTech refers to an area of technology devoted to the development and application of tools, including software, hardware, and processes, intended to promote education. The way we learn, how we interact with classmates and teachers, and our overall enthusiasm for the same subjects is not a one-size-fits-all situation.

Everyone learns at their own pace and in their own style. EdTech tools make it easier for teachers to create individualised lesson plans and learning experiences that foster a sense of inclusivity and boost the learning capabilities of all students regardless of their age or learning abilities.

Over time, different sorts of Edtech has found its way into our daily lives. In-classroom tablets, interactive projection screens and whiteboards, online content delivery, are all examples of EdTech.

In Bangladesh, we have some of our very own EdTech platforms as well. The renowned 10 Minute School is one. It is the largest online educational platform of Bangladesh that teaches more than 250,000 students every day free of cost through its mobile app and social media channels. They have recently launched a new segment named ‘10MS Skills’ which offers numerous skill development opportunities virtually.

Their popular online course ‘Ghore Boshe Spoken English' was the most successful online course in Bangladesh with more than 55,000 students learning from this. A large number of Bangladeshi expatriates living in Qatar, Malaysia, India, Singapore and America have also enrolled in this particular course. In this way, one single online course is bringing together people from all over the world into one single platform. 

With individually categorised study lessons for all classes 1-12, admission tests, jobs along with new skill development courses on Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, web design, spoken English, English grammar- 10MS has everything one could ask for individual development.

However, there has been some controversy over EdTech if it is a good addition to our education system or not. What we need to remember is, EdTech is not a substitute for the work of teachers and educators; quite the opposite. With EdTech, teachers have more tools for employing strategies which focus on the use of the resources and information available. These tools can help education professionals in monitoring individual development and preparing innovative lesson planning.

Young people are exposed to technology every day. And when they enter the classroom, they take a step backwards in the way they live and work. Listening to a teacher, sitting through the class hour and writing down according to instruction seems outdated to them. If students are not exposed to technology in the classroom, to enrich their experience of learning and teach them another way of using technology, the difference between those with digital skills and those without is going to be huge.

When students get to use technology, they’re automatically more engaged. Kids love technology, and incorporating it into lessons makes them excited about learning. Technology makes it easier for students to collaborate with each other. Students can work on projects together, communicate effortlessly at home or in the classroom, and share their work online. Also, they can stay in touch with the teachers all the time. There are a variety of apps that allow students to communicate with teachers without teachers giving out their personal email or phone number.

EdTech is the future which is by now clear from the global trends. It just makes sense to incorporate more EdTech into the classroom. EdTech is not here to erase physical presence in education, rather, to make the education and learning process more intense and engaging. 

The article is presented by FE-10MS affiliate partnership programme.


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