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UGC directs National University not to admit new students to its main campus

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The University Grants Commission (UGC) has directed the authorities of National University (NU) to refrain from admitting students at the undergraduate (honours) level for the 2023–24 academic year on its main campus.

A press release signed by Dr Shamsul Arefin, director, Public Relations and Information Rights Division, was issued in this regard on Sunday.

According to the press release, the directive will remain in force until further directives from the Chancellor President Mohammed Shahabuddin are issued.

The UGC said it sent a letter to President Shahabuddin on 25 January regarding the decision to admit students to the National University main campus.

A request was made to stop all the admission activities published in the admission circular of the NU until further directives from the chancellor are issued.

The UGC issued the directive stating that the process of admitting students to undergraduate programmes in the university's main campus was a clear violation of the National University Act.

“If the students are admitted to the main campus of the National University, the legal purpose of the establishment of the National University will be disrupted along with the legal complications of the students and the suffering of the students and parents.”

Therefore, the Commission sought the direction of the President to take necessary measures to stop the admission of students in the undergraduate program in the main campus of the National University.

Last year, the National University main campus published a notification seeking applications from students interested in enrolling in undergraduate (honours) programmes in LLB, BBA, Tourism and Hospitality Management, and Nutrition and Food Science departments.

At that time, UGC sent several letters ordering the suspension of student admissions in the main campus of the National University.

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