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Young global leaders share insights and experiences

| Updated: June 12, 2021 11:36:37

Young global leaders share insights and experiences

Global Chamber ® Dhaka organised an online globinar titled 'Young Global Leaders (YGL): How to Be Tomorrow's Changemakers' on Tuesday, June 08 from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm Bangladesh Standard Time.
The event comprised an international audience of over 100 guests and the speakers featured in the event were global young leaders who are successful in diverse fields and industries. The panellists were asked what strategies work, as well as, what tips and ideas they had for upcoming and aspiring young leaders. Their anecdotes and suggestions assisted the attendees to learn, grow and succeed across metros and borders.
This globinar offered both learning and networking opportunities for the participants with the young global leader panel. After individual presentations, each speaker was allocated a breakout room to engage with attendees who had similar interests.
Among the speakers, Ornella Gunesekere, the Miss Universe Sri Lanka, spoke about balancing work. She commented, "Working as a model needs to be balanced. We must use globalisation and platforms to make friends." She also shared her own mental health issues and emphasised more discussions about them. She also spoke about climate change, where she said to use sustainable products and use less plastic than harms nature.
Katerina Karakehagia, founder and CEO of SetteMari Trading Limited, mentioned, "One of the most important things is to hire coefficient people and to let them do their work." She also said that things might not go the same always, but one must set priorities. "Don't lose sight of your vision. Don't lose your ambition. Don't forget your mission," added the young entrepreneur.
Apart from them, other speakers including Farzeen Ferdous Alam, chairman of Bangladeshi based Oggro Ventures, Arjun Vaidya, ex-CEO at Dr Vaidya's, Saqiful Alam, programme manager at TikTok South Asia Region, and Brad Namdar, CEO of the Namdar Group, also shared their experience and ideas.
The event concluded with a call by Global Chamber Dhaka Executive Director Maimun Mustafa to form a regional Young Global Leader advisory board in order to collaborate with other leaders across the globe. At the end of the event, the speakers were provided digital certificates as a token of completion from Global Chamber Dhaka.
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