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2021 Netflix movies that you don't want to miss

| Updated: January 10, 2022 19:10:36

2021 Netflix movies that you don't want to miss

The year 2022 has come with lots of promises for Netflix lovers as a long list of potential hits will be getting released this year.

However, the previous year was a roller coaster ride on Netflix with plenty of movies released on the platform that amazed the viewers. If you think you have missed watching those, here's a recommendation list for you. 

The Power of the Dog

The western drama centres around a feared rancher named Phil Burbank (Benedict Cumberbatch) as he is wary of his brother’s wife Rose and her son Peter. He bullies Peter on a regular basis when some secrets begin to unfold. 

Army of the Dead

Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead is about a group of misfits who form an alliance to rob a casino in Las Vegas in the middle of a zombie outbreak. The action-packed movie is worth the watch.


Love Hard

After flying 3,000 miles for Christmas, an L. A writer realizes that she has been catfished by Josh Lin. Later, when she finds her love Josh tries to set her up with him to make it right.

The Harder They Fall

A revenge story between two gang leaders set in a western environment. 



A compelling Malayalam crime-drama film that keeps the audience at the edge of their seats, Kurup follows the story of Kurup and how he faked his own death and committed insurance fraud by killing a lookalike. The film is based on the life of Kerala's most wanted criminal, Sukumara Kurup.

The White Tiger

The story follows Balram Halwai, born to a poor family in Laxmangarh, who got accepted to be a driver of a rich man’s son. The dark-comedic story explores the class system in India and how Balram Halwai got out of the servant cycle.


The Dig

On the verge of World War II, where a wealthy widow enlists a self-taught archaeologist to excavate the burial mounds on her land which results in him unearthing an Anglo-Saxon ship. While he tries to discover the secrets, other parties try to take his work away.

The Guilty 

Joe Baylor (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a 911 operator who answers a distress call and tries to save the caller. The film is inspired by the 2018 Danish film with the same name.

Red Notice

Red Notice premiered on November 5 starring Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds. Even before its release, it was anticipated to be a box office hit. 

While the film does not have the greatest plot points, Red Notice is a fun movie to watch. The art thieves are expected to return with Red notice 2 in 2022.

Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet

Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet is a documentary film directed by Jon Clay and presented by David Attenborough and Johan Rockström. While it may not be the best of David Attenborough, it still holds a place among the audience. The documentary film focuses on climate change.

The Mitchells vs the machines

The story is centred around the family of Katie Mitchell and their realisation of what it means to be a family. However, it involves a cross-country road trip with robot apocalypse and saving the world.

Tick Tick… Boom!

We all know this year, Andrew Garfield played an excellent role as spider-man. However, the 38 years-old British-American actor has also played the role of a promising theatre composer who is running against time to balance love, friendship and the pressure of creating something epic. Based on the autobiographical musical by American playwright Jonathan Larson. 


The Fear Street Trilogy

The trilogy consists of Fear Street Part One: 1994, Fear Street Part Two: 1978 and Fear Street Part Three: 1666. If you are a fan of the movie series ‘Scream,’ this is the perfect trilogy for you to watch. The story revolves around a group of teenagers of Shadyside and its evil spirits.

Skater Girl

The story of Prerna, a teenage girl, and her passion. Skater Girl is about breaking the social norms as well as bringing skateboarding to life in a small village of Rajasthan, India.

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