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Action-packed anime watch list for this winter

Action-packed anime watch list for this winter

Instead of blankets, sweaters and mufflers, those who prepare for the winter with a list of anime to watch, should keep an inhaler ready this time. All the breathtaking animes are scheduled for the fall 2021 and winter 2022 seasons. 

Jujutsu Kaisen Zero: The Movie

One of the most anticipated anime of this winter is Jujutsu Kaisen Zero: The Movie. It is adapted from the manga's volume zero, a special volume by AkutamiGege.

After the hype its first season has created, almost all anime-watchers had been waiting for the second season. However, Studio Mappa informed that before the second season, the fans would receive a movie that compiles the story of a mysteriously intriguing character, YutaOkkotsu.

Especially manga readers have high hopes for this movie as the first season has been respectful to the manga. Also, the trailers for the movie had everyone going insane since this summer. The movie has premiered on the 24th of December this year. 

Demon Slayer Second Season

The anime caught everyone’s eyes with insane animation and graphics from the first season. Later, everyone fell in love with the characters and the story progress as well.

Currently, the 2nd season is ongoing, adapted by Studio Ufotable. This season is adapting the manga by Koyoharu Gotouge in two parts.

The first seven episodes are the episodic version of the Mugen Train Arc that was premiered as a movie last year. The next episodes have started to adapt the Entertainment District Arc since December 5.

A few months back in June, Kimetsu no Yaiba’s movie hit the Star Cineplex with a very positive response from Bangladeshi anime fans. The next movie is scheduled to premiere in 2022. Until then, enjoy the TV adaptations. 

Takt Op. Destiny

Another anime that turned heads this fall is Takt Op. Destiny by Studio Mappa and Madhouse, studios that are famous for producing anime like Jujutsu Kaisen, One Punch Man and Hunter x Hunter (2011).

The anime had dropped an impressive first episode and everyone has been discussing it since this October.

Mostly of action, fantasy and music genres, this anime is set in a post-apocalyptic science fiction world.

Fans speculate that Takt Op. Destiny might even be able to compete for being the Anime of the Year. The final episode of this season is released on December 22. Now is the perfect time to binge-watch the entire season.


The first season of 86 has premiered in April this year and the second season is already home.

Starting from October, the second season has been running with great hype among anime watchers. The anime is adapted by A-1 Pictures from a light novel by AsatoAsato.

An anime of the new decade is creating discussions among fans about holding great potential with the story of two war-struck nations. Those who love mecha, action, military science fiction genres and miss Code Geass, might give it a try. 

Komi-san waComyushouDesu

After watching all the listed ones with heavy stories, some might have cravings for a cinnamon roll with a cup of hot cocoa.

This fall’s most pronounced slice of life, comedy anime, Komi-san waComoyushouDesu is the perfect choice to binge-watch from under a blanket. An anime about a girl who cannot communicate properly is misunderstood on hyperbolic proportion.

Adapted from the manga by TomohitoOda, the anime began to premiere in this year’s fall season and will complete airing on 23rd December with its 12th episode. 

Ousama Ranking

An anime with a distinct art style, Ousama Ranking, might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, everyone should consider that it currently has a rating of 9.3 on IMDb and is receiving praises for having a heartwarming and wholesome story of a deaf and powerless young prince who does not give up on befriending his haters.

The manga by SosukeToka is adapted as an anime by Wit Studio, known best for producing Attack on Titan’s first three seasons. The anime is currently ongoing as a fall 2021 anime and is expected to have 23 episodes. Perhaps for the warmth of heart, this anime might be a good choice to taste.

Attack on Titan Finale

The grandest anime of the previous decade, Shingeki no Kyojin’s final season is going to be released this winter.

Although it might take a season for the series to be completed, one can always re-watch the previous seasons.

Everyone's favourite traumatic journey that started in 2013 will be something to be missed as no other replacement is seen anywhere near.

The manga’s final chapter by Hajime Isayama was released in April 2021. The first part of the final season, adapted by Mappa Studio, completed airing at a similar time.

While the anime's new season and the manga's final chapters have both received mixed reactions from the fans, that does not fail to keep everyone from dreading a farewell. Even those who have already read the manga are waiting for a final showdown this winter.

Vanitas no Carte

This year’s most hyped steampunk-dark fantasy debut anime, Vanitas no Carte’s first season completed in September.

The second season is confirmed for airing this winter, January 2022. The manga by Jun Mochizuki has been gathering excitement for an anime adaptation. Anyone having a preference for vampire-based shounen plots might give it a try.

A young vampire with the goal of finding a cursed grimoire, the Book of Vanitas, runs into a vampire attack and meets a doctor who owns the book he desires. Those who have a habit of binge-watching would find it perfect for this winter. 

Platinum End

A supernatural, psychological, shounen manga written by TsugumiOhba and Takeshi Obata, the creators of Death Note, has been running as an anime adaptation since this fall.

The anime is about a high school student who has been selected as a candidate for replacing the god without his consent and must participate in a contest against twelve other candidates.

Although the manga has been receiving praises, the anime has been getting mixed reactions from the audience for not being as polished as Death Note.

The anime is done with airing halfway through as the season will consist of 24 episodes. Even though it has a rating of 6.87 in MyAnimeList, hopefully, the numbers will go up with the rest of the episodes.

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