Breaking into beauty pageant – what it looks like

| Updated: October 10, 2022 14:31:15

Breaking into beauty pageant – what it looks like

Entering a career through a beauty pageant is no more a rare dream. With programmes like Lux Channel I Super Star and Miss Universe Bangladesh, the number of dreamers of a beauty pageant is rising. 

For aspirants, following in the footsteps of successful beauty contestants is the preferable way to go.

In this regard, the writer reached Ishrat Zaheen Ahmed, one of the top five finalists in the Lux Channel I Super Star 2018. She shared the ins and outs of a beauty pageant and how to become a champion in such a pageant.

"I was 20 years old then. There were 20 contestants in our bootcamp. It was located at the BRAC CDM Resort in Savar. We needed to wake up at 5 a.m. every day. Our jogging used to start at 6 a.m. and continue for one and a half hours. Then, after having our breakfast, we had a ramp walk practice session for two hours every day," Ishrat said to share what a beauty contestant's regular life looks like in a bootcamp.

"Azra Mahmood was our camp in-charge and instructor. She used to call me 'Choroi Pakhi' for my mischievous bubliness," she said while recollecting good memories of those days.

"After the ramp walk class, we were sent for English and Bangla classes to improve our skills. There was another class for practising table manners and etiquette. We had an acting session every day for 45 minutes to an hour."

There were five types of dance classes - contemporary, Zumba, Bharatanatyam, Kathak, and other classical. Participants were allowed to have a phone call for 30 minutes daily so that they could focus on their competition and self-development, according to her.

"The bootcamp lasted for three months. Out of twenty thousand online registrations, I made it to the top five finalists. The main competitions included acting in a TVC, drama shooting, ramp walk, photoshoot, dance, and proper language skills," Ishrat added.

Ishrat Zaheen Ahmed, with her dedication and interest, became one of the top five finalists. She believed in herself and trusted in her efforts. She said to herself that if she could not do it, no one could.

"Everyone has a flaw. I was not fluent in speaking Bangla since I am an English medium student. I spoke 70 per cent English and 30 per cent Bangla in my speech. That's why viewers could not understand me properly," Ishrat continued. 

"I worked on correcting my flaw. In the morning, I used to wake up one hour earlier to have time to practise Bangla speaking."

Ishrat has been passionate about dancing since her childhood. Her love for dance is associated with her love for Bollywood.

"Initially, I was weak in ramp walking. But I never let any weakness take my dream away. With much dedication and practice, I corrected this flaw as well."

Ishrat is a good observant, as well as a good dancer. Apart from concentrating on her own progress, she used to notice how others were performing. According to her, some contestants failed to achieve the mark due to low self-confidence.

"Have the trust in yourself and an interest in learning. It can help you correct your flaws and smooth the way to success," she recommended.

"I was not very comfortable with Q&A sessions. So I used to watch YouTube videos of international beauty pageants. I learned from the videos and noticed their pattern of answers. So, I would suggest trying hard to achieve your dream and working on your flaws. There is no time for regrets. Utilise your chance and give your best possible efforts," Ishrat ended on a motivational note.

A beauty pageant is not just a competition; it can be the starter of your career. Some opportunities do not come up regularly. So, opportunities must be appropriately utilised, like Ishrat did, to reach newer heights of success. 

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