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DC Universe finally steps into Multiverse with 'The Flash'

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After the massive success of The Batman, the DC Extended Universe was rife with problems. Black Adam didn't get its expected success, Henry Cavill left his role as Superman and Ezra Miller, who portrayed the Flash in Justice League films, was accused of multiple theft and burglary crimes in Hawaii. 

But after all these obstacles, the DCEU finally pulled itself together with an ambitious project of new films led by James Gunn and Peter Safran. 

A standalone film based on the DC comics metahuman Flash has been in development hell for decades. But the trailer of The Flash is finally here today, with the announcement of the film's release on June 16th this year.

In this trailer, Barry Allen, aka The Flash, is planning to save his mother by going back in time, as his time reversal ability has been shown in the Justice League Snyder cut. 

As Barry plans to change the timeline, Batman (played by Ben Affleck) warns him that he is putting the universe at risk. Barry attempts to travel back through time, defying Bruce's advice to save his mother from being brutally murdered by his archnemesis, the Reverse-Flash, and meets his alternate self, who doesn't seem to have superpowers at first. 

But his attempt sets off a chain of events that sends Barry into another timeline and appears to destroy the earth by an alternate universe General Zod, proving Bruce's warning correct.

In the new universe, there are no metahumans, and thus the earth has no heroes to defend against the conquering General Zod and his Kryptonian army. 

But there is a crime-fighting vigilante in Gotham City: the alternate universe's Batman. This Batman is portrayed by Michael Keaton, who reprises his role from Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992). He is seen donning his iconic pointy bat-ear suit and fighting the intruders in his Batcave in a spectacular way, with Danny Elfman's Batman theme being the cherry on top. 

Batman always has a backup plan. He brings a new metahuman to fight against General Zod's army, which brings Kara Jor-El, or Supergirl, into the scene.

In the comics, she is the cousin of Superman, but in this trailer, she might be the Superman equivalent of the alternate universe. Portrayed by Sasha Kalle, her origin isn't explained at all, but she appears to be a key player against the Kryptonian invasion.

Multiple glimpses in this trailer show the alternate universe Barry Allen gaining Flash's superpowers, Flashes from two universes fighting against a common enemy side by side and so on. 

The trailer raises more questions than it answers. What are the backstories of the alternate universe General Zod and Supergirl? Can Barry Allen save both universes?

The plot of The Flash seems to take inspiration from DC comics' Flashpoint series, which was also adapted into the animated film Flashpoint Paradox back in 2013. This is indeed one of the most ambitious DC films by James Gunn and director Andy Muschietti. 

Can they make this speedster hero's standalone film a success? The question will be answered on June 16th.

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