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Dialogue of reform at film making: FAB fest 2022

Dialogue of reform at film making: FAB fest 2022

Film Alliance Bangladesh (FAB) held FAB fest 2022 on Friday at Bangla Academy premises in association with Chorki. Film Alliance Bangladesh comprises stakeholders of the film industry and media professionals acting as a think tank to reform the existing policies regarding content making and distribution in Bangladesh. 

After the inauguration, the first session of this event was 'Bangladeshi Cinema at a Crossroad: How reform can propel us.' Nur Safa Julhaj, head of the editorial at Ekattor tv, moderated the session. The panellists for this session were Anisul Huq, MP, Minister of Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Mostofa Sarwar Farooki, screenwriter, director, producer, Barrister Moin Ghani, Filmmaker Kamal Ahmad Simon and Piplu R. Khan. 

Mostofa Sarwar Farooki and Piplu R. Khan emphasised making an independent film commission backed by the government to create a one-stop service for filmmaking which will help a filmmaker in all aspects. 

Anisul Huq said, "The room for discussion is always open for us to work together. We will listen to your agenda, and if necessary, we will take the initiative." 

In a question asked by Nur Safa Julhaj about examples of arrest due to acting as police or lawyer, the minister assured that he would investigate the matter and would try to stop direct arrest. 

There was a session titled 'Case study: How 'Poran' & 'Hawa' Brought Down the House.' Amitabh Reza Chowdhury moderated the session. The panellists for this session were Dr Jahangir Alam, additional secretary, Film, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting; Esha Yousuf, executive producer of Aynabaji; Shimul Chandra Biswas, executive producer of Hawa and Raihan Rafi, director of Poran. 

The filmmakers on the panel urged for a central server to properly distribute the profits made from selling tickets in a three-way manner. 

Stay Local Go Global Producer's Perspective – a session was held to discuss the insights of producers. Producer Sara Afreen moderated the session. The panellists for this session were Rezwan Shahriar Sumit, Abu Shahed Emon, Arifur Rahman and Adnan Imtiaz Ahmed. 

There was a tribute to the film 'Ghuddi'. The guests for this session were the maker of Ghuddi Syed Salahuddin Zaki, actor Raisul Islam Azad and Naila Azad Nupur. Together they recalled the making of Ghuddi and how it was made without a proper script.

The festival also featured other sessions titled Going Wild Going Genre; Bangladeshi Documentaries: Revive, Re-Invent, Regain; Content As Currency; Get Your Direction etc.

In the closing note, Tariq Anam Khan presented the 8 points by FAB to reform the Bangladeshi film industry, including the immediate release of the film Shonibar Bikel and all other films currently awaiting clearance from the censor board.

Kura Pokkhir Shunne Ura (The Golden Wings of Watercocks 2022) directed by Muhammad Quayum, was screened. Later a musical session was held at Bangla Academy premises. 

The partners of this event were Ekattor tv, Star Cineplex, Iscreen, Toffee, Hoichoi, Nagad, City Bank, ORSaline-N and US Bangla airlines.

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