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'Ei Muhurte', a step towards modern filmmaking in Bangladesh

| Updated: July 08, 2022 10:15:16

'Ei Muhurte', a step towards modern filmmaking in Bangladesh

‘Ei Muhurte,’ the latest Chorki anthological film, was released on June 23, 2022. Helmed by three prominent directors from three different eras - Piplu R Khan, Mejbaur Rahman Sumon, and Abrar Athar, the film tells a unique tale sewn together by three different stories, each director directing one each.

The film is divided into three different stories, taken from the streets and walls of the capital city; and they create a coherent picture in the viewers’ eyes.

‘Kothay Palabe Bolo Rupban,' ‘One Piece Made, Karigor is Dead,' and ‘Kolpona’ are the three parts of the film - each portraying the fissures of the society in a different light. Each of the parts has powerful dialogues, and the lighting and ambience are perfect, the colour palette feels real and ethereal at the same time - especially in the third part.

Mejbaur Rahman Sumon is directing the episode titled ‘Kothay Palabe Bolo Rupban,' where the Miss World runners-up Priyontee Urbee is making her debut in OTT. She is playing the lead role in this episode, where she plays the role of the mistress of a powerful person in the country.

The story unfolds as she tries to save her newborn out of wedlock. Set in the narrow lanes of Mirpur, the story twists and turns in every scene, each time with either a psychological or natural thrill.

The part revolves around Urbee, however, wastes a good plot at the beginning where it gives a genuine sucker punch in the guts, but quickly transitions into a psychological convoluted drama over the phone than what could have been a unique way of telling an animal thriller - something is not much known to the audience.

The social commentary in this film is top-notch, and the ending narration hits the mark squarely. However, a twenty-eight-minute long part bores the audience with a long telephone conversation - that is the only lacking here.

Abrar Atahar directed ‘One Piece Made, Karigor is Dead’. In this part, 25 actors have worked, including big names like Shahiduzzaman Selim, Rozi Siddique, Sunehra Binte Kamal and Rokeya Prachi. Sunehra debuts on OTT through this film. The part deals with social media, family crises, post-marital pressure, attention-hungry journalism, law-enforcing agencies’ role in online policing, and most importantly, the extent of personal freedom.

The part experiments with many things and lands a strong, lasting impression. Ranging from an absurd comedy film to a black comedy film - Abrar Atahar does a commendable job of creating a story that has not been seen by the audience before.

The inner monologues of the characters were quirky, peppered with occasional hilarious punchlines. 

The famed director Piplu R Khan is directing the part titled ‘Kolpona’, where veteran actors Sara Zaker and Zahid Hasan are acting together. Perhaps this story is inspired by the famous kissing in the rain in the TSC incident, where the beautiful picture of affection and love was mired by online and offline hate of petty minds, and the photographer was beaten by a mob for clicking it.

The philosophical take on the idea of civility, ethics, and so-called social norms, and how mob mentality tramples love and beauty are portrayed with such prowess that it feels hauntingly familiar.

And it also sheds light on the ethics of street photography. The part shows the skills of the director as a storyteller. The cinematography and ambience are amazing, and it transcends into something dark and depressingly ominous at every passing moment.

Sara Zaker, playing a single mother, has shown her class in this film. Zahid Hasan has stolen the show with his performance. It has been a refreshing sight to find the beloved actor in such a role after a long time.

'Ei Muhurte' has been a step towards modern filmmaking in the country. The makers have taken a modern attitude, and they demand the audience to step out of their comfort zone and grow a modern mindset as well.

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