Floor No 7’ depicts the dark sides of hunger for fame

| Updated: June 07, 2022 16:54:10

Floor No 7’ depicts the dark sides of hunger for fame

There is one particular part on earth, which seems very colourful from the outside, but inside, maybe it is equally cliché and dark.

And the place is the film industry, as shown in the new murder mystery movie by Raihan Rafi, named 'Floor No. 7.'

The name of the film gives a vibe of a kind of a spooky horror film where a ghost haunts a place. Well, metaphorically, that is correct, there is a ghost in the movie haunting every single character, and that is the ghost of fame and success.

What people can do for fame and success? Telling lies? Committing a murder? Sacrificing self-respect?

Well, there is nothing in this world which people cannot do to become famous. But, there are consequences for action. And that is the main theme of Floor No. 7.

The film starts with the murder of superstar Sadman Chowdhury (Raaz Mania) during the shooting of a film, which is apparently committed by the lady superstar Aboni (Shabnam Bubly). Then Nayeem Rahman (Shahriar Nazim Joy) enters the stage and starts interrogating. Gradually, the mystery unfolds.

The centre of the whole film was the craving for fame and the internal scenario of the film industry. The theme of fame on Floor no. 7 can be divided into three parts, craving of fame, fruits of fame and consequences of fame.

Firstly, the craving for fame is the most common thing found in the movie. Almost every character craves fame and success, and thus, does anything needed.

To exemplify, the character of the director continuously gets humiliated, and his self-esteem is constantly being crushed by the hero (Sadman), the heroine (Aboni) and the second female lead (Pakhi). Still, he cannot but deal with these situations, because he needs to be a more popular celebrity. Even he does not hesitate to accept the proposal of a corrupted ex-minister of producing his next five films.

Aboni, despite being enormously popular, craves more fame and pressurizes the director to change the script of the film in her favour.

Pakhi, the second lead of the film, is far hungrier for fame than the others. She does not hesitate to be used by the producer and Sadman Chowdhury himself, betray her people, tell lies, blackmail and whatnot!

There is also Ramij Uddin, the previously mentioned corrupted ex-minister, who wants to produce five films, not only for money but also for fame, of course.

The fruit of fame hunts lesser people than the craving. The hero, the heroine and Pakhi - all three of these people enjoy this fruit. They misbehave with anyone they want, just because of their stardom, popularity and fame.

But, only two of the characters face the consequence of fame. First, Sadman Chowdhury is killed in the very first place, and it was his fame which gets him killed. And second, Aboni goes to prison taking the charge of murdering Sadman Chowdhury on her head. The misbehaviour coming out of her stardom is the main fuel behind this consequence.

The director Raihan Rafi has perfectly balanced and blended thrill along with the message. And being a director, he truly showed why a director is compared with the captain of a ship, and what can a director do at the end of the day.

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