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Ghost Doctor: A K-drama of a different taste

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K-Dramas are often known for their quirky plots and mix of genres which could not have been imagined otherwise. Supernatural elements in a modern setting have long been one of the most utilised plots in K dramas. 

'Ghost Doctor' is one such drama which has the quintessential Korean flavour, but still is fundamentally different from the mainstream.

The series is a recent one and as of now is one of the most viewed shows in Bangladesh. The plot revolves around two contrasting characters, who happen to be doctors. They have completely different medical skills as well as personalities with one being boastful and mean and another being kind and empathetic.

One day, due to one of them getting involved in a case of a completely different nature, his spirit leaves his body and possesses the body of the other doctor, which results in a merging of their skills and personalities. The rest of the series is based on this particular incident.

The show has a high-profile cast as some of the most renowned personalities of the K-Drama world are there with Rain and Kim Bum being two of the lead protagonists.

The show also has the overdramatic and happy-go-lucky charm of K-Dramas, albeit with a bit of serious undertone as a lot of incidents of the plot take place within a hospital. It also has a straightforward and linear storyline which makes it extremely easy for the viewers to get themselves submerged in the show.

Medical Dramas are becoming widely popular globally with Netflix airing quite a few of them; with 'The Good Doctor' being a notable example. 

But the theme that this series presents is quite unique in nature, even from a Korean perspective. 

The incidents of the drama are to be taken with a pinch of salt and not seriously, as they are not likely to serve any educational purposes.

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