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Hometown Cha- Cha- Cha: A bouquet of wholesome romance for K-drama fans

Hometown Cha- Cha- Cha: A bouquet of wholesome romance for K-drama fans

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha warmed hearts around the world with its exquisite synergy between its leads and offered a basket of healing tales along with the heartwarming community of Gongjin. 

There are dazzling blue skies, breathtaking sunsets, an endless stock of fresh seafood, and a picturesque red lighthouse in the background. 

Yoon Hye-Jin, the female lead in the K-drama, is mocked by a friend for always talking about Gongjin as if all paths lead to it. One just can't help but sympathise with her. The coastal town and its wholesome citizens truly deserve such an attachment.

The series commences on a simple note with city slicker Hye-Jin (Shin Min-a) opening a dental clinic in Gongjin and sparks flare when she stumbles upon a local jack-of-all-trades Hong Du-Sik (Kim Seon-Ho). 

Even though it appears to be a classic story of opposites clashing at first, it's remarkable how Hometown strives to go beyond the run-of-the-mill romantic comedy by delving into grief, remorse, loss and healing. 

It appears to be a classic story of opposites clashing at first. Ye-Jin is perplexed as to how Du-Sik works a variety of odd jobs while insisting on simply receiving the minimum pay. 

Du-sik believes she is capable of letting her hair down and stopping to smell the roses on occasion. 

The other Gongjin inhabitants are also put into the equation. They were wry yet approachable to Hye-Jin. The show devoted its first episodes to how they warm up with each other.

There’s a curious restaurant owner who is the town's biggest gossip-- a former singer who continuously reminisces about his old days, the arguing couple expecting a second kid, a shy officer whom Hye-Jin’s friend falls for and three wholesome octogenarian grannies who are always up for radiating warmth and love. 

Kim Young-Ok, who plays Gam-ri, once again reflects why she is the best K-drama grandmother.

Having individuals in their 30s and 40s makes this series sane in confronting the featured relationship challenges. Du-Sik's past life is cloaked in mystery for the majority of the show and even when there is a significant breakthrough, the couple handles it.  

Mutually healing together was a wonderful dynamic that enhanced this dimple couple's love story.

The realisation that viewers of all ages would be able to name everyone in Gongjin shows the balanced screentime. 

On the other hand, it could have been done without several of the subplots, particularly the one featuring a divorced couple which is handled quite clumsily near the conclusion. 

Ultimately, even as it seeks to bring more insight and depth into the challenges of its major characters, this enchanting Netflix series is a perfect illustration of how K-dramas can get romance right. 

Bursting with an impeccable cast synergy, the 16-episode series invites the viewers to a virtual neighbourhood full of warmth and love.

This article is written by Shadya Naher Sheyam, a student at the Department of International Relations in Bangladesh University of Professionals. [email protected] 

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