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Meghdol’s ‘E Hawa’ echos the melody of the winds of sea

Meghdol’s ‘E Hawa’ echos the melody of the winds of sea

How rare is it to find some sound cutting through a net of perfect sea-like silence but one ends up falling in love with it? 

Associating wind with the sea will sound common until you have listened to the band Meghdol’s most recent work ‘E Hawa.’ Social media is completely bewitched by this masterpiece and it has all the right reasons to be. 

Meghdol can easily be named as one of the most loved bands in Bangladesh. So, it was only a matter of seconds after the release of the song that people were tuning in to hear what they had crafted this time. 

The music video starts with the screen emerging in mixed shades of navy blue and teal, some rusts and darkened wooden sienna of the boat – the boat, where the story of the movie ‘Hawa’ is promised to be told. 

After the instrument hits, the singer’s mild but powerful voice reverberates the tale with a tone of yearning, searching for answers from the mighty wind. 

An angry sea with mighty water splashing on the body of the boat, with the wind making it dangerously hover fills the mind of someone listening to it. 

The shaking boat with two men sitting drearily, staring at the turbulent ocean somehow passes the boundary of existent and non-existent things and takes the listener there on the boat in their mind. 

Singer-songwriter Shibu Kumer Shill’s voice transcended the barrier of space in some way in this song as well. He urges this ‘Hawa’ (the wind) to know the destination that he’s being taken to. The listener’s heart quivers in this scorching summer heat with cold emptiness for at least once here. 

The layers of instruments join one after one – the guitar solo at the start, the drums surrounding the vocals slightly begin to tell the story of harshness. The guitars and drums get slowly mixed with the flute, saxophone, and clarinet to create a melody that encapsulates the lead in here, the turbulent sea. 

The vocalist’s voice, with all these instruments nourishing it throughout, dives from an aching crest to something almost hollow. The overall setting of the boat with flashes of red light on the monochromatic match of the sea will transport the listeners' minds to that swaying boat caught up in a storm. 

Meghdol has composed brilliant pieces like ‘Esho Amar Shohore,’ ‘Roder Fota,’ ‘Maya Cycle,’ ‘Akash Meghe Dhaka,’ ‘Na Bola Phul,’ ‘Shohor Bondi Megh,’ ‘Nirban,’ etc. before. 

‘E Hawa’ is the fifth track from Meghdol’s latest album ‘Aluminium er Dana.’ The song is a collaboration between Meghdol and Facecard production for the upcoming Mejbaur Rahman Sumon film ‘Hawa.’ 

Written and sung by Shibu Kumer Shill and Mejbaur Rahman Sumon, this song features artists from the film. 

Nazifa Tushi, Chanchal Chowdhury, Sariful Razz, Nasir Uddin Khan and Shohel Mondol, alongside the members of Meghdol, are there in the video. A miniature version of the boat that was originally used in the film is also featured in the music video. ‘Hawa’ hits the theatres on July 29. 

A well-composed song, with such soulful voice and instrumental coordination, surely transcends time. But there is more to this song. It tells a beautiful and rare story of the implorer. 

The later part lulls the listeners back to calmness from the storm that stirred the mind moments ago. Maybe this song writes a story in the hearts of those who listened to it in a way that will never be so greatly expressed in words as it would be felt. 

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