Moushumi says Zayed Khan did not disrespect her

| Updated: June 15, 2022 11:30:52

Moushumi says Zayed Khan did not disrespect her

Actress Arifa Pervin Zaman Moushumi has said Zayed Khan did not disrespect her, responding for the first time to a dispute between her husband Omar Sani Imran and the actor.

In an audio message on Monday amid a huge social media maelstrom, she said she was unwittingly pulled into the dispute, reports bdnews24.com.

 “I have the same relationship with Zayed just as an actor has with a co-actor,” Moushumi said, adding that their relationship was based on mutual “respect and affection”.

 “We have an excellent working relationship. The question of him disrespecting me does not arise. He is a good man. He never disrespected me.”

Zayed reportedly pulled a gun on Sani after Moushumi’s husband, who is also an actor, slapped him in the face at the wedding ceremony of the son of Monwar Hossain Dipjol, another actor.

Citing Sani, several media outlets reported that he slapped Zayed because the latter “harassed” Moushumi.

Moushumi said she was surprised by the allegation of harassment. “It’s a personal matter and should have been settled in private.”

The actress does not think Zayed was responsible for anything that has happened. She rather pointed the finger at Sani, distancing herself from her husband, and addressed him as a “brother” in an unusual fashion. She also said she felt “belittled” by the whole episode.

 “Why is Omar Sani Bhai [brother], whom we’ve deeply respected, deriving pleasure [from the dispute]. I hope he will settle the issues with me if he has any.”

Later, Sani took to Facebook and said in a live video that he was adamant to file a complaint against Zayed with the association of film artists. He also said their two children would inform all about the issue in detail.

Sani said he did not have anything to complain against Moushumi and urged all to refrain from posting abusive comments on her.

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