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Munshigiri: The Chanchal- Amitabh actor-director duo is back

| Updated: October 04, 2021 19:56:19

Munshigiri: The Chanchal- Amitabh actor-director duo is back

Based on Shibarata Barman's novel ‘Mriterao Kotha Bole,’ celebrated director Amitabh Reza Chowdhury presents a first-of-its-kind detective mystery to Bangladesh with his debut web film for OTT platform - ‘Munshigiri.’

The film stars Chanchal Chowdhury who was also the lead role in Amitabh Reza’s directorial debut ‘Aynabaji’. Naseef Amin wrote the screenplay for the film.

This Chorki original film attempts to depict a police procedural scenario through the film length of 125 minutes. It brews a character-driven portrayal of an investigator who is grounded in the system.

The growth and treatment of mystery in the novel and cinema differ greatly. Even though some minor plot holes popped up, the deviation that took place between the mediums is handled in a subtle way.

The plot revolves around the murder case of Didarul Haque, allegedly referred by novelist Ishtiaque Mirza and the film’s magnetism is carried by Chanchal Chowdhury who enchants the audience with the character of Additional Deputy Commissioner, DB officer-Masud Munshi.

He is not a private investigator or a hero, as we may have seen in the past. He is a diligent officer who goes about his business and daily life in an old-fashioned manner; he can be called idealistic.

Chanchal’s devotion to his work is evident on screen. Munshi repeatedly skims through the murder stories by the novelist to acquire leads for solving the mystery. Shabnam Faria portrays the character of Munshi’s wife- Parvin.

The subplot encompasses the relationship dynamics of the couple which gives the audience a better understanding of Munshi’s personal world.

Purnima debuts on the OTT platform by playing the role of Suraiya Akhtar- the widow of Didarul Haque. She is a grey character with charms of her own. However, while Parvin is casually interested in the case, Munshi is skeptical of Suraiya, who appears to be posing challenges back at the detective.

The murder mystery also features renowned actors like Gazi Rakayet and Shahiduzzaman Selim. Despite having a short screen time, these characters captivate the audience with their performances.

One of the major drawbacks of the film was not clarifying the fact if the novelist named the protagonist of his novel after the pseudonym of Didarul Haque intentionally or not. Even how the role of the little boy and his grandfather, as witnesses, is presented on the real crime scene to recreate the murder mystery from the novel is not unfolded throughout the story.

The portrayal of detailed procedures of the detective branch, coupled with the skilled camera work by TuhinTamijul, all combine for intriguing nuances like keeping an eye for the avid readers who would hold a book and turn the pages for these characters.

In a nutshell, Munshigiri can be a good one-time viewing experience with many loopholes and weaknesses.

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