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'Pathaan': How a cliche film became an industry hit

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Pathaan is a Bollywood blockbuster of epic proportions and a true testament to the power of cinema. The fourth instalment in the YRF Spy Universe, Pathaan, consists of a stellar cast led by the one and only Shah Rukh Khan who returned to the big screen after four long years. 

Because of the current political climate in India, there were many controversies and pessimism surrounding this film. But Pathaan overcame them all, with Shah Rukh Khan's performance being nothing short of a tour-de-force, elevating the film to new heights and anchoring it with his magnetic charisma. 

Deepika Padukone and John Abraham join Shah Rukh Khan in this thrilling ride, bringing their own unique brand of talent to the table. The film's script, written by Shridhar Raghavan and Abbas Tyrewala, weaves a tale of espionage, betrayal, and redemption.

The story of Pathaan is full of suspense and action, just like every other Yash Raj spy thriller film. The three key characters traverse the grey area of morality: Pathaan, an exiled RAW agent played by Shah Rukh Khan; ISI double agent Rubina Mohsin (played by Deepika Padukone); and Jim (played by Joh Baraham), a RAW-agent-turned-mercenary who seeks revenge on India after losing his family. 

Jim plans on exacting his revenge by spreading a genetically engineered virus that can devastate the Indian population. Now the plot for action is set; it's up to Pathaan and Rubina. Can they save the day? 

There are a plethora of swashbuckling action sequences to stop this bioterrorism act, and Pathaan is leading the action from the front.

When one of the film's iconic songs, Besharam Rang, was released a month ago, it sparked outrage. But no controversy can affect the film when Shah Rukh Khan is the showrunner himself. 

Even if a film has a poor story, people are still drawn to watch it if SRK is in it because of their immense admiration and respect for him. He can bring life to even the most mundane and unremarkable characters, making them entertaining. With SRK's natural talent, it's no wonder his films continue to draw in large audiences and generate substantial box office numbers.

In Pathaan, the 57-year-old veteran actor brings a raw intensity and emotional depth to his role, elevating the film to new heights. 

John Abraham is also solid in his portrayal of Jim and makes a classic case of the villain overshadowing the hero in portions. 

Even though Deepika's chemistry with Shah Rukh Khan feels underdeveloped and lacks the spark that John-SRK's characters share, she portrays the femme fatale character that this film needs. 

Pathan has grossed more than 800 crore rupees worldwide in revenue, making it the all-time highest-grossing Hindi film in traditional markets, barring China, where Dangal earned a big chunk. 

Pathaan is a good film for fans of action and thrillers who care less about the story. It has every element of a masala action thriller movie, with Shah Rukh Khan's energetic performance contributing to the film's success.

This film is also a testament to his megastardom - getting an industry hit out of literally nothing -- a movie that we have watched hundred times before, yet watching again for the comeback of the King after four years.

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