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Shironamhin's sixth album Perfume to be released in April

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Shironamhin is all set to release their sixth album ‘Perfume’ on April 14 marking their silver jubilee.

The band has already released seven out of eight tracks from the album and has recently concluded the shooting of the title track ‘Perfume,’ which they will release on 14 April celebrating their 25 years into existence.

The band claims this is the highest budget music video in the history of Bangladeshi band music.

“It cost us around Tk 20-25 lakh to make the video and we have worked relentlessly for two and a half years behind this,” said the band's bassist and leader, Ziaur Rahman. Ziaur himself directed the video.

“The song is based on Greek mythology and Shironamhin members are presented with a completely different outlook in it.”

He added that the track raises social awareness against victim-blaming.

“We tried to convey a message of the ‘Me too’ movement in the song. Victim blaming is a contemporary world problem but it is especially worse in our part of the world,” he noted. 

KY steel, a renowned industrial company in Bangladesh co-produced the music video.

The song was shot at Sabujpata, the residence of Golam Mostafa Sabuj, director of Desal in Hemayetpur, which won the Arc Asia Architecture Award this year.

The band also informed that an exclusive collector's edition of the album will be available.

Shironamhin has signed up with Dreamcast for a grand launching of their sixth solo album. In partnership with ‘Brandmyth Experiential,’ they announced year-long events across the country and over the border at Nepal.

The mega concert will be held on March 11 in Dhaka as Shironamhin will collaborate with the internationally renowned Mumbai Orchestra and other top Bangladeshi bands giving their fans what the band say is a ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ experience.

After the mega concert in Dhaka, Shironamhin will travel to Nepal to shoot seven music videos and take part in two concerts in the Himalayan nation.

Upon returning to Bangladesh, Brandmyth will take the band to four divisional cities where they will rock the stage with their all-time hits.

All this will lead to a climactic endgame in December 2022 where their silver jubilee ride will come to an end with a final grand concert, presumably on 31st December.

The entire year journey will be documented and Brandmyth will later release a behind the scenes documentary portraying the ups and downs, ecstasies and agonies of the silver-jubilee celebration year.

Band profile

Shironamhin was formed in 1996, from the union of Ziaur Rahman, Bulbul Hasan and Jewel, as they started playing music together. 

In 2000, Tuhin was invited to join the band on vocals and the band's debut album ‘Jahaji’ was released in 2004. It was an instant hit, plus critically acclaimed. 

Four more albums followed - ‘Ichchhe Ghuri’ in 2006, ‘Bondho Janala’ in 2009, ‘Rabindranath’ in 2010, and ‘Shironamhin’ in 2013.

Their current much-changed lineup is Ziaur Rahman on bass and cello, Kazy Ahmad Shafin on drums and sarod, Rayhan Islam Shuvro on guitar, Sheikh Ishtiaque on vocal and Symon Chowdhury on the keyboard. 

Through all the changes, Zia has remained the one constant and that reflects the fact that it is his creative vision that has been the band’s driving force throughout its existence.

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