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Spencer portrays Princess Diana in a never-seen-before way

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"Diana, they can't change, you have to change" 

This line from the movie Spencer probably signifies the life of Princess Diana as a Royal more than anything else. 

Constantly trying to fit in the rigid atmosphere of Royalty and lastly having a mysterious death, Princess Diana is a household name across the world. 

But her emotional and psychological moments are often overlooked in the biopics and movies made about her life. 

The movie Spencer, in this perspective, is an exception as it represents the life of Diana in an unprecedented way. 

Kristen Stewart, who plays the role of Diana in this movie, did a fantastic job in depicting the struggle that Diana had to endure (people remembering her from the times of the Twilight saga might have a hard time seeing her in this role.)

The movie's plot takes place at the time of Christmas during some time in the 1990s when there were ongoing rumours about the breakup of the marriage between Princess Diana and Prince Charles, due to the alleged love affair of the Prince with Camilla Parker-Bowles. The plot revolves around the fallouts of the situation and the helplessness of the Princess.

Although the world is quite aware of the visible struggles of Diana, this movie will make the viewer have a trip through the minds of the Princess where she was haunted by a lot of different demons. 

Although there have been alleged inaccuracies when it comes to perfectly depicting the historical nuances and putting them in a proper perspective, by and large, the movie is a proper representative of the adversities Princess Diana had to endure.

The movie has received worldwide critical acclaim and viewers have praised the cinematography and the way it gets the viewers submerged into the movie through its entirety. 

The often overlooked part of the seemingly lavish Royal life, that is loneliness, lack of human connection and the overabundance of archaic customs are depicted beautifully in the movie. 

As a whole, the movie is recommended for someone interested in the history of the British Royal Family, also for people liking the psychological drama genre. 

The movie falls more in the slow-burn genre than the instant gratification genre and you need to have sufficient attention in order to properly understand each and every perspective.

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