The Crown season 4 delves deep into British Royal Family's modernisation efforts

| Updated: February 14, 2022 12:21:28

The Crown season 4 delves deep into British Royal Family's  modernisation efforts

"For Better Or Worse, The Crown Has Landed On My Head. And I Say We Go." 

This single quote from Claire Foy, playing Queen Elizabeth in Netflix’s widely acclaimed show  ‘The Crown’ captures the essence of the British Monarchy, a long-standing tradition that has consistently been updated and modernised in order to find its place firmly in the modern world.

The Crown is a historical drama based on the life of Queen Elizabeth the second and has been a worldwide success so far with all four seasons. The fifth season is supposed to come out this year followed by a sixth later on, which will mark the end of one of the most popular dramas of all time on Netflix.

The life of the royals, the scandals, the pressure of being associated with the British Royal Family, not being able to lead a seemingly normal life have all been depicted swiftly in the series through the actors and actresses playing the royal characters.

Although there have been instances when the scenes were heavily exaggerated (one such occasion featuring Prince Charles was condemned by the Queen herself who herself is an avid fan of the show), it might also be seen as a positive thing as it adds more to the spice of the drama.

The drama, at times, has been extremely critical of the archaic Royal traditions, although by and large being favourable to the reign of the Queen. 

But this is an exemplary case of media and creative freedom, where the most exalted and supposedly divine crown is not exempted from criticisms and backlashes.  

The chronological order of the incidents have been very much accurate as well as the actors have done a marvellous job in portraying the characters, which not only includes the members of the British Royal Family, but also the politicians, aristocrats as well as people from all walks of life.

The British Royal family is a subject of fascination for people throughout the world with her still being head of the state of 14 other countries. 

The queen still enjoys a very high degree of popularity in her realms and the series does a good job in showing how the queen and her late husband, Prince Philip modernised various royal traditions in order to make themselves more accessible to the common people.

The show is a must-watch for people having even an iota of interest regarding the British Royal Family as well as people who are avid anglophiles. 

The series may however appear a bit monotonous and repetitive for those who are not at all interested in royalty or British Culture.

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