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The Hybrid Experience: Bringing Rock Music enthusiasts under the same roof

Photo: Abrar Faiyaz Niloy
Photo: Abrar Faiyaz Niloy

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The ongoing warm temperature has not been blissful to Dhakaite residents for the last few days. Amid the exhausting summer, nothing but a musically profound weekend could bring serenity to the hearts of music-loving metropolitans.

The Hybrid Experience was one such concert that celebrated the longing for rock music among thousands of spectators. The anticipated rock concert was held at International Convention City Bashundhara’s Noboratri Hall on Friday.

Announcements were already made that eight renowned bands would perform before a large audience. So, as soon as the gates were opened at 2 pm, audiences began to appear in large numbers.

The concert was a mixed pleasure involving legendary bands like ABC (Artcell, Black, Cryptic Fate) and 21st-century phenomena Arbovirus, Nemesis, Avoid Rafa, Mechanix and Dreek.

Dreek began the evening, which was later followed by Mechanix and Black. The speedy transition of the lineups and Rakat Zami’s excellent sound engineering kept the audiences intact in Hall 4 all through the show.

Photo: Abrar Faiyaz Niloy

Hyper experience exclaimed the audiences with regular surprises. It upheld the bonding between bands aptly. From Black covering Arbovirus’ Obhishap to the later covering Black’s Amra had been a nostalgic and mesmerising ride for the spectators.

Photo: Abrar Faiyaz Niloy

As the evening grew old, the crowd got heavier and voices louder. Choiring with Hariye Jao or melting emotionally with School shaped the concert as it was meant to be, a hybrid experience.

Later on, AvoidRafa took up the stage. If you had been there during his performance, you know that it was less of Rafa’s vocal than audiences getting mad singing ‘Anmone 2’ and ‘Ami Akash Pathabo.’

Photo: Abrar Faiyaz Niloy

If Rafa’s melody and smooth rock music flourished your inner serene, then it was Cryptic fate next on the line to heart out your inner beast with performances like Bhoboghurey, Cholo Bangladesh and Akromon.

Photo: Abrar Faiyaz Niloy

If you are a regular concern going, you know for which band crowd literally goes mad cheering the names and verses even before they show up on the stage; it’s Nemesis.

The band appeared, sang and around a couple of thousand audiences found themselves jumping, screaming and headbanging on the very spark of the moment.

Zohad could not have been any more energetic as he explored around the stage, jumped and melted with tunes. The band performed immensely hit tracks like Janala, Obocheton, Gonojowar and signature song Kobe.

Photo: Abrar Faiyaz Niloy

However, surprises were yet to be delivered. As soon as the crowd took a break to relax their bones after Nemesis had performed, something so out of the box showed up on the stage. It was cricketer Shakib Al Hasan who also joined the cohort, sharing his experience being in the show before singing a verse of ‘Amra Korbo Joy’ with the fans.

You will find some enthusiastic people who know every performed song in such mega concerts. Some know little less. But there is this one song that everyone sings and gets onboard seemingly.

Artcell, the last headliner, knows how to make every person in the auditorium sing. And no wonder they did accordingly.

They performed Onno Somoy, Rahur Grash, Dukkho Bilash, Oniket Prantor and Chile Kothar Shepai. You might not want to miss a thousand spectators crying and singing for almost ten minutes to Oniket Prantor.

Photo: Abrar Faiyaz Niloy

If you had looked around under the blue and radish lights, you could see how a single track keeps different people on the same page with the same emotion for this long.

Daraz BD was the title sponsor of the Hybrid Experience. The event was powered by Maverick by Apex Shoes and co-sponsored by Real Man Body Spray.

An event like Hybrid Experience becomes successful even if it could lash out our day-to-day trauma and fatigue for a minimum time. Hybrid Experience contributed remarkably to the busy life of Dhakaite music lovers.

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