The Wheel of Time: Robert Jordan’s fantasy chronicle renewed

The Wheel of Time: Robert Jordan’s fantasy chronicle renewed

The hyped-up TV shows in 2021, to some extent, have been about fantasy book adaptations. One of the most anticipated TV shows of this genre was The Wheel of Time. 

The first season of the series is adapted mostly from the first book of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series: The Eye of the World. 

With Amazon Prime Video as the original network, the adaptation had started to premier in November 2021 and was completed on the 24th of December. 

Scouting fairly new faces as the cast, the series is produced by Rosamund Pike, who is also seen on the screen as one of the primary characters. 

The show begins with a narrative voice telling the purpose of Moiraine’s (Rosamund Pike) journey, a member of an organisation of women who are able to channel the One Power. 

With a brief overview of their universe, the show progresses in a way that allows the audience to get accustomed to a new philosophy. 

Like any other great fantasy TV show, The Wheel of Time introduces an elaborate setting of beautiful landscapes. 

Most of the outdoor scenes were filmed in Prague, Croatia, and Dubrovnik’s mountain ranges. Picturesque mountain and forest scenes immediately teleport the audience to a fantasy universe. 

Another thing that grabs the attention of the audience is the elaborate culture of their world. As the characters are set in close to nature, Jordan’s fictional world is represented with an ethnic flavour. 

The makeup and outfits of the characters are based on tribal and nomadic cultures. The original soundtracks are composed with a similar ambience. It is noticeable that the tracks are written in the ‘old tongue,’ an original language created specifically for the series.

The show on its own is somewhat grand and praiseworthy; however, readers of the novel series seem disappointed in the adaptation. They are seen to complain that the show rarely follows the original book except for the core concepts. Changes are made in the characters and the plot as well. It is understandable why the book fans are terribly disappointed.

However, those who have not read the books might give the show a try for its newness. 

Aes Sedai Moiraine sets out on a journey to find five young people, one of which is prophesied to be the Dragon Reborn. The Reborn would either break the world once more like his predecessor or help the heroes to save it from evil. 

Although the book hints at which of the five youths is the Reborn, the show creates suspense until the last episode. 

Some claim that the show would have more potential if it was not rushed. As hustling right from the beginning might make the audience unable to connect enough to the characters. 

As a result, people would not be interested to continue the show. Some have also complained about the relatively low-budget CGI effects. Considering the grandeur of the settings at the Czech Republic’s hill areas, sometimes the acting and the actions were disappointing.

Along with mixed reactions from the audience, it is agreeable that the show holds great potential for its future seasons. With improvements in the script and direction, The Wheel of Time might turn into a great standalone series, if not the perfect adaptation. 

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