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Timeless 'Band of Brothers' marks 20 years

| Updated: January 12, 2022 22:43:23

Timeless 'Band of Brothers' marks 20 years

Through the years, Band of Brothers has maintained its status as a pop-culture touchstone. Based on the 1992 book of the same name by author Stephen E. Ambrose, it aired on HBO on September 9, 2001. 

This 10-episode series was created by Hanks and Spielberg after their successful collaboration on Saving Private Ryan. 

The series combines an incredible storyline with breathtaking cinematography and special effects. But there's something more that this series offers the viewers: an authentic look into the life of an American soldier during WWII.

It's difficult to make a war film or television show that's both thoughtful and gripping. Bravery and courage on the battlefield must be balanced with the complicated and often brutal social causes that sparked the conflicts. 

The most successful modern war dramas spend as much time examining the violence and messiness of the conflict as they showcase the bravery of the soldiers on the front lines themselves. 

Positively, Band of Brothers still relies largely on heroism to portray the genuine story of the soldiers who risked their lives to save the lives of others during the Second World War. Avoiding the dangers of hero-worship. Instead, each episode focuses on a different member of Easy Company and highlights the wonderful things the troops were able to endure and accomplish as a team due to their common bravery and mutual support.  

However, in addition to providing veterans with a pleasant, fuzzy, nostalgic sensation, Band of Brothers informs civilians about important lessons learned while serving.

The troops of Easy Company are unquestionably brave, but the series does not portray them as superheroes. Instead, they are portrayed as regular Joes who volunteered to be a subset of something bigger than themselves in Band of Brothers. You can see their fear on their faces all the time, but you can also watch them act bravely in spite of it.

The series doesn't hold back when it comes to depicting the agony of wartime losses. Not just among military personnel, but also among civilians and their residences. They spend an entire episode establishing the bond between Eugene Roe, the medic and a civilian nurse who volunteered to assist – only for her to die in the end.

The troops of Easy Company will experience the highest highs and the lowest lows throughout the show. When tragedy comes, you can see it in every soldier's stance and action. This show, more than any, demonstrates how critical it is for a leader to recognise the importance of soldier morale.

You can see how the troops of Easy Company begin to question the war's overarching purpose toward the end of the series. Of course, when they come upon a concentration camp, this question is unmistakably addressed. But, at the end of the day, war is about humans battling humans, which is a concept that the show masterfully tackles.

Even though it is difficult to answer if this series is the best television show ever filmed over the years, it is certain that Band of the brothers has aged quite well and maybe the finest in class as a series on war and human perseverance.

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