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Timeless ‘Before Sunrise’ continues to spread love in the 27th year

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Love is an emotion that many people express and explain in different ways. The concept of love has been attempted to explain by many filmmakers over decades, but ‘Before Sunrise’ stood out from the crowd because of its straightforward and honest conversations on love.

Twenty-seven years ago, on this day, this timeless masterpiece was premiered in theatres, directed by Richard Linklater. 

After his success of comedies such as Slacker, Dazed and Confused, he went on to make romantic drama inspired by his own life experience, which became critically acclaimed and continued to be turned into a trilogy afterwards.

Before Sunrise involves Jesse, an American going back home after wandering in Europe, and Céline, a French woman who goes back to her university after visiting her grandmother from Budapest. 

After a meet-cute on the train, they decide to wander around in Vienna for a whole day before returning to their normal lives.

The film depicts Jesse and Céline roaming around the streets of Vienna and pondering questions about life, love, religion, and other things. 

Their conversations deepen, they find a romantic connection and open up more about themselves. Soon both realise that they wanted an escape from their lives burdened with mundane matters. 

Jesse didn’t book a flight to the US from Vienna because it was cheap. He wanted an escapade roaming around Europe with a Eurail pass. Céline wanted to disembark with him in Vienna even before he asked her to; they both just wanted a break.

Even though their instincts tell them to be together, they both decide the budding romance to be only a short break and split after one day in Vienna. 

This shows the sad side of their story- Jesse and Céline have to go to their own lives, but never knows when they will meet again. 

Yet, they hope to meet each other after six months because every human survives by hope. Did they meet then? Before Sunset answers that question.

Richard Linklater and Kim Krizan wrote a fantastic script for this film. The conversation between the Jesse-Céline duo consists of nothing complex and shocking, just the story of their lives and philosophy of the world. 

This film’s depiction of a young couple felt more natural and romantic from being comedic in other stereotypical films. 

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy also played impressive roles in portraying Jesse and Céline. Their chemistry and the easygoing conversations make it captivating to watch.

Before Sunrise is an exemplary illustration of romance that won many accolades. The film won its entrance in the 45th Berlin International Film Festival, where Linklater won Silver Bear as the best director. 

Critically acclaimed in many media, the British newspaper The Guardian ranked it as the 3rd among the 25 best romantic movies of all time.

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