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Top 5 Bangladeshi thrillers ever

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Finding a decent thriller might be challenging because there is no agreed-upon definition of the genre. Some distinguishing elements include murder, deceit, and an abundance of sex. 

We can better understand what constitutes a good story by analysing the best thrillers. 

Since emotions typically define a thriller it evokes in the reader, picking the perfect one might be challenging. Only the most courageous moviegoers should watch thrillers. They keep you on the edge of your chairs with their conflict; surprise turns, and tense atmosphere. Thrillers keep everyone on the edge of their seat with their conflict, surprising twists, and tensions instead of the blood and grisly scenes of many horror flicks. 

In this particular genera, we have seen almost no good content created in Bangladesh previously. However, 2022 was a breakthrough year, and we've got several quality thrillers thanks to OTT platforms.

Here are the top Bangladeshi thrillers of all time.

Karagar: The question is not where is he from, but when is he from? What if, on a fine morning, you met a mysterious prisoner who claimed to assassinate Mir Zafar? 

In Akash Nagar jail, a prisoner was found in a room that had been closed for 50 years. Maha, an interpreter, delivers this interpretation to the police. Karagar finds the ideal speed to maintain its feeling of suspense, enticing the viewer with hints and clues at just the right moments. 

The cinematographer, Barkat Hossain Palash's camera, lingers fondly on illumination glimmers, highlighting fuzzy footprints while the rest of the scene snaps into crisp focus.

Punorjonmo: Punorjonmo is the story of Rafsan Haq, who is a famous chef. After 3 years of his wife Neela's disappearance, they found her one day. Everyone started doubting her sudden entry, accusing her of fake identity. But Rafsan did otherwise. 

This movie will keep you biting your nails to know the truth. This Punorjonmo universe surely fits perfectly in the genre of suspense and thriller and not to mention the gripping screenplay. 

Kaisar: Afran Nisho nailing another character, making him recognised as a boss; this show excels in many ways. However, the cinematography, colour grading, and technical camerawork were all excellent. 

The story starts when two university students go missing, and the case is on Bangladesh Police DB, ADB Kaizar Chowdhury. The screenplay, dialogues and humorous parts were top-notch; no forceful laughing and an overall nice watch.

Aynabaji: The story of Aynabaji revolves around Sharafat Karim Ayna, a struggling actor who took his naturally gifted talent in acting to another level after failing in that field. The picture receives high marks in many categories. 

The tale is nicely paced, and the cinematography is superb; it is a fantastic, captivating thriller. And not to mention the gripping attention Chanchal Chowdhury caught. He effortlessly sailed between different personalities and delivered an unforgettable masterpiece.

Operation Sundarbans: The movie starts when RAB assigns commanding officer Ishtiaqe Ahmed to extract the pirates from the Sundarbans. The Sundarbans, home to a wide range of wildlife, including the Royal Bengal Tiger, provide no safety for humans. Eventually, the pirates are revealed to be nothing more than pawns in the team's grand strategy. 

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