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Why youth love anime?

| Updated: July 22, 2022 17:27:05

Why youth love anime?

Whether you are a buff of J-culture (Japanese culture) or not, you might just be dwelling under a rock if you’re unaware of the term Anime.

With earnings of additionally more than USD 19 billion in Japan, anime is encountering a remarkable advancement in popularity overseas, with a contributing position to its record deals.

It’s all about luminous colours, ingenious identities, and extraordinary anecdotes. Have you ever gaped why anime is so popular? Why is it so soliciting to audiences?

Anime is basically the Japanese means of mumbling animation. The majority of anime are based on manga or light novels.


Well, there are some haters too, reckoning and lecturing Anime as childlike, silly cartoons and all. While disliking can stem from many reasons, there are certain explanations behind the obsession of the youngsters with the animeland.

First things first, anime is crammed with life lessons and stimulating storylines that help you relate to your life. From Kenichi: 'The Mightiest Disciple' we can realise - “No matter how vulnerable you are, you can always become stronger and more promising.”

From our favourite 'Dragon Ball Z', we comprehend - “Work and success are parallel.” 'Psycho Pass’ makes us speculate - “How crucial it is to clench composure in critical times.”

'Higurashi: When They Cry' made us think that - “Every person has a dark side to win over.” And our favourite 'K- On' leaves a mark on our mind to - “Always be jovial and have as much fun as you want.”

Diverse range of genres

Well not just that  there is a broad latitude of anime genres to choose from. From action, drama, comedy to fantasy, horror, mystery, thriller and to romance, anime never fails to mesmerise us with its intriguing storyline and powerful character buildup.

There are many ways for the artist to think creatively and develop new stories. This is why anime lovers can get a distinct taste in each show.

Well, some may assume anime is for children. However, it can be enjoyed by any age group. Not just that you can have a story with a message with each anime that assesses our thought process.

Characters dealing with depression, struggling to meet both ends and finding purpose in life are some of the reality checks which are certainly not meant for children only.

Characters that can connect

Remember the time of 'Grave of the Fireflies' and how it brought waterworks? Seita and Setsuku's bonding, Seita's adoration for his little sibling and their withstanding of the bomb attacks brought tears to million hearts.

Shatadha Saha Oishee is a fangirl of anime land, who studies Tourism and Hospitality Management at the University of Dhaka. In a chit-chat with the writer, she explained what precisely attracts her to love the anime world.

“Every anime has its own unique stories which intrigue me. I am more into thrillers and adore anime with good plots and fighting scenes. Some anime give a reality check about life and there are also some anime which give me a good laugh.”

Her favourite anime is Bleach, along with Samurai X, Demon slayer, Inuyasha, Death Note, Steins Gate, Black Cat and the list goes on.

Craving for bonding and emotions

Tasnim Hossain is a content creator and former anchor at Bangladesh Television who occasionally watches anime out of interest. According to him, “My anime attraction basically formed from the gossip of friends. Upon noticing them sharing anime quotes or clips, I somehow got influenced.”

When asked what fascinates him the most, his reply was, “I love how realistically they demonstrate their fondness, their admiration, care for the person they love, and confession of their secret love.”

“I'm more into the romantic, tragedy, adventure genre. Anime that I will cherish forever is - Howl's Moving Castle, Grave of Fireflies, Silent Voice, I wanna eat your pancreas.”

Gazi Rezanul Haque, a photojournalist from a local news daily shared how anime land attracts him.

“I like anime mostly for the stories of those whose anecdotes are decent, I usually watch those series first or you can say I binge-watch them more. The way the articulations of the characters are presented is invariably charming.”

“My favourite genre is a slice of life, they are superfluous, relatable, in most cases they are cheerful, and there is a lot of humour.”

Mentioning her craving for anime, Tasnim Hassan Shomapty, head of Information and Technology at PATA Bangladesh Dhaka University Chapter, said, “Well I loved watching animes as they are subtle, the way they present the story, character buildup and all you want your time to invest properly.”

“Being a humorous person I love the suave comedy genre that brings a good laugh. Say for Gintama, there's hardly any story and doesn't make sense but I kinda enjoy its vibe that it's based on.”

She added, “I love the drama genre, including its unique point of view. To mention some of my favourites - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Gintama as a comedy genre is my second priority, Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen, Samurai Champloo, Promised Neverland.”

Tanvir Anjum Khan, pursuing BBA from Business Faculty, grew his interest in anime from Facebook suggestions. According to him,

“Anime boasts such vibrancy and diversity in its characters. People in anime have dynamic personalities. I had a sneak peek of Chihayapuru and that's it, I abruptly started loving them.”

Well, there is an impending flipside of all the goodness that anime has. Umme Habiba Razna, a Dhaka based Intermediate student from Ideal School and College, Motijheel branch, thinks that something is not right about this intense popularity of anime.

“I don’t hold any grudges in anime but the whiny voices are hard on the ears. And please don't get me started on unrealistic body proportions. Their facial expressions aren’t well defined and I hardly find any chemistry between the main leads.”

“Stiff, slow storytelling, weird and annoying childish behaviour annoy me,” she concluded.

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