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Ten winners receive awards

11.3m people come under the umbrella of ‘Dettol Handwash Challenge’

| Updated: September 06, 2020 18:46:42

11.3m people come under the umbrella of ‘Dettol Handwash Challenge’

A total of ten winners of ‘Dettol Handwash Challenge’, received cheques on Wednesday.

The ‘Dettol Handwash Challenge’, an initiative to create awareness across all walks of life in curbing the spread of Coronavirus (COVD-19) that has reached all parts of the globe, kicked off on 26th March and ended on 31st May, with scout members, students and the general people as participants.

Fifty thousand takas were awarded to the first winner, forty thousand to the second, thirty thousand to the third, ten thousand to the fourth, and ten thousand to the fifth winner. The organizers of the competition handed over the prizes to the winners online.

The scout members who won the prizes are Medha Sarkar, Samiha Raisa Sabih, Sadik Al Rafi, Muhiba Tieba Toha, Sanjana Rahman Lima while the general participants are Sorna Mahmud, Radha Sen, Dip Bindu Das, Nabila Alam, Shiny Nusrat.

Under the joint initiative of UNDP, Bangladesh Scouts, and ‘Dettol Harpic Porichchonno Bangladesh’ the Commissioner (Enquiry) of Anti-Corruption Commission and Chief National Commissioner of Bangladesh Scouts, Dr. Md. Mozammel Haque Khan attended the online prize-giving ceremony as the Chief Guest.

Educational and awareness programs on curbing the spread of the virus should not cease just because the institutions are closed; awareness can be developed starting with family members at home. The ‘Dettol Hand wash Challenge’ was initiated keeping exactly that in mind. Everyone participated in the online challenge from home, adhering to the instructions. Participants submitted photos and videos of the correct way of washing hands for 20 seconds with soap or hand wash those were uploaded on the social networking site Facebook. About 13,237 contestants participated in the awareness-raising challenge, out of which 10 candidates were selected and declared winners. Concito PR was the media partner of the whole campaign where 1 crore 13 lakh people were engaged.

In the keynote address at the award ceremony, Dr. Md. Mozammel Haque Khan said, “Although handwashing has been emphasized even before the advent of Corona, it has become mandatory with the ongoing pandemic. Based on that 1 crore 13 lac people came under the umbrella of the Handwash challenge. The number of infected people would have increased more widely in Bangladesh if they did not follow hygiene rules like hand washing. So, we have to wash our hands properly in eight steps in accordance with the guidelines."

Managing Director of Reckitt Benckiser Vishal Gupta said,The massive response to the competition has already established its success. It is advisable to carry out such activities to raise awareness in the health sector. ”


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