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Affected by Covid-19

Charity Right initiates programmes for poor families

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Charity Right Bangladesh, an international social welfare organization, is taking extensive initiative to fight against the recent corona virus outbreak by ensuring and securing the daily essentials for underprivileged people of the country.

To provide food security to the poverty-stricken families, Charity Right is delivering ‘Emergency Food Package’ to the daily wage earners. They are providing ‘One Month Ration Box’ to one lakh families with rice, lentil, potatoes, sugar, oil and salt for a four-member family’s need.

Charity Right Bangladesh Chairman and Country Head Mr. Ashfaq Zaman said, “Where some families have got the opportunity to spend their family time due to this lockdown, some families are striving hard to meet their daily family meal. Unlike other service holders, the livelihood of the millions of underprivileged day laborers and daily wage earners has become impossible to earn.”

He added, “In this situation, we need more social heroes and torchbearers to come in the frontline to assist the government to deal with the critical situation for safeguarding the vulnerable people. We are trying to combat the present crisis of underprivileged communities in Bangladesh with all our effort and limited resources.”

Besides, Charity Right is simultaneously conducting a ‘Corona Prevention Campaign’ for providing 50,000 Corona preventive safety kits to the underprivileged communities of the slum areas. They are also providing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to their partner community clinics and hospitals and social workers who are actively participating in the treatment of the COVID-19 patients inside and outside of Dhaka city.

Daraz Bangladdesh has also partnered with Charity Right to distribute Emergency Food pack among deprived families of slum dwellers across Bangladesh. Whereas, Charity Right is supporting A2i on their ‘General Awareness Campaign’ for raising awareness about corona virus through animated informative video contents on various social media with the support of Cable News International (CNI).


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