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So far 3,04,042 services have been received

Covid-19 Telehealth Center dedicated to serve patients  

| Updated: September 10, 2020 16:56:41

Covid-19 Telehealth Center dedicated to serve patients  

The Covid-19 Telehealth Unit served 3,04,042 persons between 18th June to 5th September.

The Unit is working under the direct planning and supervision of the Directorate General of Health Services and A2I, ICT Division to gain people's confidence in various issues including emergency ambulance, hospitalization, food, and emergency medicine assistance, funeral assistance, etc.

In this regard, the use of technology and overall management is being supported by Shastho Batayon, Synesis IT, and the Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services, according to a statement.

 During this time of the corona pandemic, telehealth service has created a lot of confidence and trust in general people. 100 doctors and 20 health information officers from Covid-19 Telehealth Service Center are working tirelessly to overcome all obstacles and provide services with a smile on their face. They are providing full-time service in two shifts from 9 am to 9 pm. In addition to the Department of Health's 16263 and 333, the Covid-19 Telehealth Service Center's hotline number 0966677722 is providing round-the-clock service.

It is providing services not only in Bangladesh but also in abroad. Information on corona affected persons is collected from the MIS department of the Directorate General of Health Services such as age, gender, location, date of examination, etc. After that, the affected person is contacted by Covid-19 Telehealth Service Center for counseling, and other services if needed. Depending on the severity of the disease and the presence of a long-term illness, the physician may determine the next follow-up date and follow-up 3 to 5 times during the recovery period.

Corona affected patients have been categorized in 3 stages- Mild, Moderate and Medium by conducting Medical Risk Assessment.  From 18th June to 5th September a total of 1,28,107 patients have been categorized by risk assessment and 1,09, 804 patients have been followed up. Among them 1,18,396 patients received treatment staying at home, 5,867 patients are admitted in the hospital. 28,107 patients have illnesses like diabetes, Heart and Kidney disease.  66, 131 patients got support and treatment from incoming calls. As per the data beside Corona patients, there are 46.43% Diabetes, 44.96% high blood pressure, 11.94% asthma, 5.39% heart complications, 3.24% kidney, 10.25% other disease patients are categorized. 

In this pandemic situation many families gone through hurdles, some people got affected with the whole family while stretching their hand to help others. When no one was there to help them in this crisis Telehealth Service became their friend and acted as safeguard. Covid Telehealth Service involved many emotional stories and experiences. The center has cured many childless couple by doctor’s counselling who were isolated, devastated by social and mental challenges. Beside this, emergency ambulance service, emergency Dialysis, hospital admission, food and emergency medicine service has been provided by the TeleHealth Service Center.

In this regard Chief E- Governance strategist and Chief Coordinator of a2i, ICT Division, Covid-19 Telehealth Service Mr. Forhad Zahid Shaikh says, ‘At the end of March when situation was getting vulnerable, the importance of providing services to Corona affected patients through Telehealth Service had been emerged. Covid -19 Telehealth Center has been established by the guidance of DG Health, direct supervision of a2i and ICT division, Collaboration with Shastho Batayon, Synesis IT and BASIS where only Corona affected people are getting several services like Doctor’s consultation, prescription and emergency Ambulance services etc. Moreover, Immigrants from 3 different countries are availing this service from outside Bangladesh.  Providing required Doctor’s advice through Telemedicine and Teleservice to COVID -19 infected people, at their home and palm of their hand during this Corona pandemic when Social distancing is fundamental is a timely, groundbreaking and effective matter. Service of this kind is not only helping Corona Patients to maintain Social Distancing but also saving time, expenses, hassle of transportation and risk of infection has been reduced.’

The CEO of Synesis Health and Public Health specialist Dr. Nizam Uddin Ahmed says, ‘It is an exceptional step forward for us because, more than 2 lac people has received the service and I think this is not possible with any other way to provide Expert Doctor’s service to such number of people within this short period of time.’


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