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Dengue claims 14 more lives in a day, pushing death toll beyond 800

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The death toll from mosquito-borne dengue fever in the country has surpassed 800, with 14 deaths recorded in the 24 hours leading up to Saturday morning, according to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).

Among the total deaths recorded since January, 552 were reported from Dhaka, with the remainder from other parts of the country. Among the latest 14 deaths recorded in the 24-hour period under review, five were from Dhaka, while the others were from different parts of the country.

During the 24 hours leading up to Saturday morning, DGHS also recorded 2,598 hospitalisations across the country, including 881 in Dhaka.

The worsening dengue situation continues to show no signs of improvement, with increasing deaths and cases being reported.

Last year, 281 people succumbed to dengue, marking the second-highest death toll in the country's history.

Meanwhile, the total number of dengue cases has risen to 164,562, with 72,384 cases reported in Dhaka alone, according to DGHS. Of the patients in Dhaka, 41,680 were male, and 72,384 were female.

Currently, 10,330 people are receiving treatment in hospitals across the country, with 4,208 of them in Dhaka. Out of the total admitted patients, 153,428 have successfully recovered and returned home, including 67,624 from Dhaka.


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