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Domestic methods for reducing stress

| Updated: August 24, 2021 16:13:23

Domestic methods for reducing stress

Who didn't like to crack bubble wrap with fingertips at childhood? Or putting hands in a drum full of rice and moving it, or keeping the house fragrant with incense?

As we grew older, technology replaced those mindful things that used to lit up our childhood. Now we often feel stressed, mentally tormented, but we don’t find things to revive.

When there is a problem, there is also a solution which we know as ‘satisfying staff’ or ‘stress reliever’. The pleasurable activities mentioned at the beginning are also a kind of stress reliever. Not all types of stress relievers are equally satisfying to everyone. It totally depends on personal taste.

“Stress relief is not a matter of separate occasion for me. I want to have a peaceful atmosphere in my house all the time so that I can fully enjoy the satisfaction of being at home,” shared Samia Rahman Mouno, first-year student of the fine arts at the University of Rajshahi.

She mentioned some mindful activities that reduce her stress, like painting the wall of the house favourite colours, decorating the room with the fairytale lights, sometimes spreading fragranance of hand-made reed diffuser. But she has other ways too.

“For having a blissful environment or a peaceful sleep after a long day full of hassle I always prefer the Lavender Aroma.”

To make this soothing and refreshing aroma diffuser, you will need- narrow-neck bottle, bamboo skewers, coconut and sweet almond oil, and essential oil of lavender.


  • Pour ¾ cup of coconut oil into the narrow neck bottle.
  • Add four tablespoon of sweet almond oil to keep the coconut oil liquid.
  • Add 25 drops of essential oil into it.


  • Stir that with the skewers, and set the skewer into the bottle like the picture.

“When I forget about the time out of the pressure of work and suddenly find it’s already late night– in those moments, a long bath with aromatic toiletries is nothing but a reward to me,” Tabassum Binte Tabriz, marketing executive of Takeout Limited, was sharing her thoughts on fragrant toiletries and aromatherapy as a stress reliever.

She also uses two drops of lavender essence on her pillow before going to sleep.

“The fragrance of lavender on my pillow helps to relieve stress and have a sound sleep. But obviously clean and fresh bed and pillow cover are required for that,” She added.

Moshiur Rahman Shaishob, general secretary of SUST Photography Association, does it differently than Tabriz. “Aromatherapy for better sleep seems soothing to me, but if I need relaxation in my work hour to cope up with pressure and make it fun- then I will go for a cup of aroma tea,” shared the young photographer.

Not only it is refreshing, these have medicinal properties too; also, naturally caffeine-free. In this field, his favourite one is rose tea, which is made by steeping dried rose buds or petals in water. It can be brewed to be made into both hot and iced tea.

"All kinds of fancy products regarding this staff may not be available everywhere in this country. However, the ingredients for making rose tea, peppermint tea, hibiscus tea, lavender tea, etc. can be found by searching a little,” he added.

Ingredients of rose tea: Roughly chopped rosebuds, and water.

Step 1: Boil water and warm up your teapot (filtered water is required for better taste)

Step 2: Fill the teapot halfway with boiling water and add the chopped dried rosebuds. Cover the teapot and allow it to steep.

Step 3: Pour boiling tea into a teacup after straining rosebuds.

Besides lessening anxiety and distress, rose tea is rich in antioxidants, which help prevent damage to cells. It also helps to reduce menstrual cramps.

Sadia Jahan Sonaly, a business administration student at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, was telling about her fragrant candle fascination. She likes fragrant candle lights so much that collecting them has become her hobby.

“It’s been almost 10-11 years with this affection. It just amazed me- a beautiful smell is coming out of a candle. Speaking of fragrance, aqua type smells cheers my mind up. But if it’s just about the fragrance, I prefer air freshener more than a candle.”

In the age of movies and series and all virtual other staff, have you ever thought about giving yourself pleasure with relaxation? What if you take a book of your favourite genre, turn the light off and light up few beautiful fragrant candles? Maybe sometimes a change is all we need.

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