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Is onion juice good for your scalp? 

Is onion juice good for your scalp? 

Almost everyone passionate about beauty and self-care loves to try some home remedies as an experiment. Especially during the pandemic period, we were all attempting trendy hair-growing hacks. 

Onion juice for hair is a common DIY (do it yourself). It's alright to think that natural ingredients are safe to use. However, we conveniently forget that natural ingredients can also have adverse effects, especially if not used correctly. 

Properties of onion juice 

Onion juice is loaded with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Onions also contain vitamins B1, B6, and C, folic acid, magnesium, and phosphorus. It is rich in sulfur, which in theory, is great for strengthening your hair. On the other hand, the excess use of sulfur can irritate your scalp. 

Role of this tear-jerker for your hair 

Onion has nutrients providing the benefits of antioxidants and antimicrobial action on the hair. There are anecdotal experiences of improvement in hair texture, hair loss, and dandruff while using onion juice. 

Sulfur is a key component of proteins like keratin, which are the building blocks of our hair. It can enhance your skin cell regeneration and aids in new hair growth. Onion juice has no scientific evidence for preventing hair loss. But few studies have concluded that using onion juice can help to treat alopecia areata. 

No onion, no tears

Onion acts as an irritant ingredient when applied to the scalp. It can temporarily improve the blood circulation of hair like any other irritant ingredient. But can also cause excessive burning, itchiness, or rashes after using on your scalp. It is best to get a nearby dermatologist to diagnose your hair fall, dandruff, and hair thinning properly. 

It is salient to remove onion juice from the scalp properly with a mild shampoo. Excess onion juice absorbs natural oil and moisture from hair. This leads to a dry and itchy scalp. Onion has an unpleasant odour, that's why more shampoo is used to clean, which adds to the dryness. 

Onion juice is unsuitable for those prone to allergies, psoriasis, and eczema. Using it multiple times a week can sensitise the scalp and aggravate hair loss. 

Taking a balanced diet, proper hydration, 6-8 hours of sleep, supplements, and a disciplined hair care routine based on your hair type is enough. This is the ideal way to keep your scalp and hair healthy, ultimately preventing hair loss.

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