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Scarless thyroid surgery performed in Bangladesh for the first time

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Scarless thyroid surgery was performed at Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital in Dhaka recently for the first time in Bangladesh.

Dr Mahbub Alam, a professor at the Department of Nose, Ear and Throat (ENT) of the hospital, successfully completed the surgery. Dr MA Matin, another professor of the hospital, supervised Dr Mahbub during the surgery, according to a press release.

Although doctors in developed countries -- including Singapore, America, Korea and China –- regularly perform scarless thyroid surgery, it was done for the first time in Bangladesh.

This type of operation is slightly costlier than the conventional method but is very popular in developed countries as it does not create any scar on the patient’s body.

In that continuity, Dr Mahbub performed the thyroid tumour operation through endoscopy by creating a leak under the lip of the patient.

Thyroid tumour size up to 8.0 centimetres could be operated on in this method of surgery. Dr Mahbub said there would be no scar on the throat for applying this method.

Post-operation complications and risk are also lesser and the voice would also remain reasonable, said Dr Mahbub.

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