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Women's contribution in health sector acclaimed

File photo used for representation purpose. (Collected).
File photo used for representation purpose. (Collected).

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Women in the country’s health sector were acclaimed for their contribution to empowering women and opening more space.

To celebrate the contribution of women leaders in the Bangladeshi Health sector, USAID’s AUHC activity and Surjer Hashi Network (SHN) jointly organized a panel discussion to celebrate female champions in the health sector.

The panel discussion took place at a city hotel Tuesday. Some female leaders who have made contributions to the healthcare sector were honored and took part in discussion.

The awardees are managers of Surjer Hashi Clinic Managers of different branches--- Rikta Roy, Rowshan Ara Khanom, Rebeka Sultana, Afsana Khatun and Sultana Begum.

Dr. Farhana Akhter, Project Management Specialist, USAID Office of Population, Health and Nutrition said, ‘It is indeed impactful to see 50 years since independence when women and children have healthcare services in their community for the first time.

There is a lot more work to be done. It is exciting to see USAID, the Ministry of Health and Family welfare, community, local and governments cooperating with each other to build the health service sector more precisely, she added.

Shaila Purvin, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Surjer Hashi Network said, the contribution of women in the healthcare sector is immense as can be observed not only in SHN but healthcare overall in Bangladesh.

Rubaba Dowla, CEO, Pulse digital healthcare, MD & CEO - Oracle Bangladesh said, ‘Women have to sacrifice something at some point because you can never have a 50-50 balance in life always between family and work.

“The second thing would be I want to give equal opportunity but where is the pipeline? If I am hiring I want equal numbers of applicants but what I see is 1 woman while there are more than 10 men applicants. So we have to work for the pipeline from the school level,” she continued.  

Women need to do networking, look at how men are networking. So women must build and keep in with networking, she added.

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