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Discover the ancient gems of North Bengal

Not limited to historical gems, the northern cities of Bangladesh offer more things that tourists can explore
Not limited to historical gems, the northern cities of Bangladesh offer more things that tourists can explore

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Bangladesh is a beautiful blend of different cultural traditions. Of all the eye-catching places of Bangladesh, North Bengal is the most underrated despite offering various ancient monuments and natural landscapes. 

This part of Bangladesh contains most archaeological sites, such as UNESCO World Heritage Paharpur, Choto Sona mosque, Mahasthangarh, Kantaji temple, Puthia temple complex, and many other historically significant monuments. However, not limited to historical gems, the particular part offers more things tourists can explore. 

Northwest City Rajshahi

To visit prominent tourist destinations, plan a detailed sightseeing tour of Rajshahi city. Here, you can enjoy the sunset at the Padma River by going to the T Dam or the I Dam. 

Also, visit the famous Barendra Museum, Puthia Palace, Rajshahi University, and other significant places. 

The Varendra Research Museum is the oldest and richest in Bangladesh. The region's sericulture produces most of Bangladesh's silk in Rajshahi.

Also, the city has a beautiful road famous for its lights. From Kalpana Cinema Hall to Talaimary Crossing, the city corporation installed light that became a photogenic shot of any photographer.  

Explore Chapainawabganj 

Plan a full-day trip to Chapainawabganj and the nearby areas for an exciting journey. During this tour, explore the most significant tourist attractions in Chapainawabganj, such as the Tahkhana Complex, Darasbari Mosque, and Sonamasjid land port.  

Witnessing the region's local cultural and natural sights will ensure a great trip to the city. The particular city is also famous for Kalair ruti, which is popularly used to eat Chuijhal.  

Somapura Mahavihara, Naogaon

This magnificent site is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. If you embark on a day trip from Rajshahi to Naogaon, you can cover almost all the significant places. Besides Paharpur, one must also visit Kusumba mosque, known as 'The Black Gem of Bangladesh'. 

Besides these, the city offers scenic beauties with vast greenery and unexplored long roads. 

Pundra Civilization, Bogura  

Bogura is referred to as the gateway of North Bengal. Explore Bogura and visit its prominent tourist attractions, such as the Mahasthangarh Fort City, Gokul Medh, Parshuram's Palace, Govinda Vita, and Vashu Vihara. Bogura holds great historical significance as Mahasthangarh was the ancient capital of the Pundra Kingdom. Apart from the Pundra Civilization, the city is famous for yoghurt and rich in ethnic culture. 

Dinajpur, Kantajew Temple

Kantajew Temple in Dinajpur is an eighteenth-century temple famous for its outstanding terracotta embellishment. It is one of the most significant examples of terracotta architecture in Bangladesh. 

While visiting Dinajpur, one can also visit Ramsagar National Park, Nayabad Mosque, and Deepshikha School. Ramsagar Lake is one of the largest artificial lakes in Bangladesh.

Natore Rajbari 

Natore Rajbari is a majestic ancient palace in Bangladesh. It was the residence of the Raj family of Rajshahi zamindars. 

There are many places to visit in Natore, such as Chalan Beel, Chalan Beel Museum, Dayarampur Palace, Rani Bhabani Palace, Shaheed Sagor, and Halti Beel. 


Rangpur is a captivating destination known for its rich culture and natural beauty. Visit Paira Chattar, Chilmari Wildlife Sanctuary, Itakumari Zamindar Bari, Town Hall, Manthana Zamindar Bari, and Mithapukur Bara Mosque. 

Tajhat Palace, built in the colonial period, is one of the most beautiful palaces in North Bengal. North Bengal is a perfect blend of religious diversity. One can feel the rural touch while imagining themselves as if they shifted into the colonial era. Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam contributed to its diversified archaeological sites. 

The profound north has many more stories to tell, and many more landscapes to visit that will leave you wanting more. The north is quiet and consists of unexplored raw beauty. Northern Bangladesh has less light pollution, making stars more visible in the sky. It is undoubtedly a great place to visit for a peaceful retreat.

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