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Priciest Sarees of the Indian Subcontinent

Where elegance meets craftsmanship

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The priciest sarees woven in the Indian subcontinent are testaments to the craftsmanship of making a saree. One not only needs to know these Sarees, but they need to be styled with grace, aura, and charm to capture the essence of the attire and share it with others.

Price is just a tag, but the Saree may not even live up to your expectations when you wear it. However, the quality, details, and craft done on the item make the case.


This pure artisan's work from the heart of Bangladesh needs no introduction. The Saree is a hand-woven magic happening in the looms of weavers and the weather.

Original Jamdani would cost around 3000 BDT in its simplest form, and the better, lighter, and more gorgeous the Saree in weight and looks, the higher the price. It can range up to 90 thousand BDT.

Baluchari Saree

Murshidabad, West Bengal, is where the United Bengal's last independent Nawab's residence existed and where the famous Baluchari Silks reign in the hearts.

The key reason behind the popularity of this Saree is the untwisted Silk threads used to create the brocades of the Saree. The Saree's most quality-ensured version can make a deal of more than 100 thousand taka.

Muga Silk

Although not shimmery like our local versions of thickened Silk with golden yarn, the Silk Saree is a simple-looking item that enhances its quality as time passes.

Golden and Yellow are similar colours and are most commonly present in Muga Silk Sarees. The Saree is an iconic item from Assam. The most quality-ensured Muga Silk can rise to a hefty price of around 300 thousand or 3 lac taka.

Karhua Cutwork

Varanasi is a holy city in India, and its famous iconic Saree is the Karhua Cutwork that looks elegant and simple but charges a soaring 7 lac BDT due to its intricate and complex cutwork on the base of the Saree.


Mulberry Silk is a renowned fine silk used to weave Paithani Sarees. The colourful adornment on the Achal of the Saree is handcrafted and looks radiant and graceful when light shines upon the Saree.

The Saree is an iconic item from Paithan, a place in Maharashtra where it's woven. The price of the most quality-ensured Paithani can rise to 14 lac BDT.


Although many versions of the Saree exist from different sellers around the globe, the original Kanjivaram would cost more than a million taka, depending on the work that has been done on them.

The Silk based on the saree, its quality, and the work of the golden shimmer altogether ask for this hefty price since the saree is simply regal and gorgeous.

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