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'Scream VI' tries to stand out from its franchise's stereotype

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The latest chapter in the Scream franchise has arrived, and with it, the return of the masked murderer who terrorises a new generation of Woodsboro survivors. 

The franchise has always been a favourite among horror fans who love the genre's self-referential humour. However, some fans have criticised the series for being too focused on satire and not delivering enough scare. 

Scream VI aims to change that perception with its grislier kills, fresh setting in New York, and a willingness to break conventions. The film includes suspenseful, well-paced, and genuinely frightening scenes, like one set on a crowded subway during Halloween.

The plot is led by a group of four named the core four- the Meeks-Martin twins (played by Dylan Minnette and Mason Gooding) and the Carpenter sisters (played by Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega). Still recovering from the trauma of the Gainsboro murders, Sam and Tara Carpenter shifted to New York City to start their lives anew. 

But the peace doesn't last for long; soon, their lives become ravaged again by the notorious Scarface killer, who is now working in a group, not a lonesome serial killer. The Carpenter sisters are not the only victims; their roommates also become part of the collateral damage.

So why are the Scarface killers back again while the original killer Billy Loomis was dead long ago? What are their motives? Did the legacy of one of the most notorious serial killers start a cult? The viewers might ask the questions while Sam, Tara and their friends try to survive the killers throughout the film.

This film is the first of its franchise not to have Sidney Prescott, the original protagonist, due to the character's actress Neve Campbell's disagreement with the producers. 

The movie brings back fan-favourite characters Gale Weathers (played by Courteney Cox) and Kirby Reed (played by Hayden Panettiere) as the 'legacies' and lets the new cast take centre stage.

Still, Scream VI manages to subvert horror tropes and poke fun at the franchise's legacy in a respectful and fresh way. Unlike previous Scream films, the story keeps the survivors connected throughout the entire movie, which leads to stronger emotional investment in the characters and their loved ones. The supporting characters are particularly well-done, and the actors deserve credit for their performances.

In addition to the strong character work, the set pieces and cinematography in the film are praiseworthy. The subway car and Stab trophy room are particularly impressive, and the scenes in the third act are macabre. The film is also noted for its emotional intensity and brutal kills, which make it a standout sequel in the franchise.

Overall, Scream VI proves there is a future for the franchise with or without Sidney Prescott as the lead, thanks to its strong connection to the new Core Four. 

While the explanation for Sidney's absence is a misstep, the film succeeds in subverting horror tropes and delivering exciting set pieces and character-driven storytelling.

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