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Why has Vijay left the film industry at the peak of his career?

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Tamil cinema's iconic hero, Vijay, made a shocking announcement on February 2nd, stepping into politics by founding the Tamizhaga Vetri Kazhagam party. 

This move, which positions him against corruption and divisiveness in politics, marks a significant juncture in the actor's journey, promising a new era in Tamil Nadu's political landscape.

As arguably the most prominent and highest-paid star in Tamil Nadu today, Vijay articulated his vision for the state, emphasising the urgent need for governance characterised by selflessness, transparency, and integrity. 

His party's formation, slated to contest the 2026 Tamil Nadu Assembly elections, underscores a departure from conventional politics, pledging to abstain from the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and refusing to align with any existing political factions.

Transitioning from cinema to public service, Vijay's political engagement began years ago with establishing the Vijay Makkal Iyakkam (VMI), a social platform that has now evolved into a full-fledged political entity. 

Bussy Anand, the general secretary of VMI, spearheaded efforts in New Delhi to formally register the party with the Election Commission of India, signifying a pivotal moment in Tamil Nadu's political evolution.

In a three-page comprehensive statement, Vijay outlined the party's Tamil Nadu-centric ideology and outlined plans to engage with the populace through public events following the Lok Sabha elections. The interim period will witness a concerted effort to politicise party cadres, bolster grassroots outreach, and democratically appoint office-bearers, reflecting a commitment to inclusive and participatory governance.

For Vijay, politics is a mere profession; it embodies a sacred commitment to public service and societal welfare. Drawing inspiration from seasoned political veterans, he envisions a politics aligned with Tamil culture, rooted in equality and constitutional principles.

From navigating controversies surrounding film releases to advocating for Tamil fishermen's rights amidst geopolitical tensions, Vijay has consistently championed social causes and challenged political orthodoxy. His critique of government policies, including the Goods and Services Tax (GST), underscores a commitment to principled discourse and social justice.

Vijay's foray into politics is not merely a personal endeavour but a collective aspiration for a better Tamil Nadu. With a history of engaging with diverse political leaders and amplifying grassroots voices, his entry into formal politics promises a more inclusive and responsive governance framework.

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