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YOU season 4 part 2 Ends with a psychological twist

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When the first part of YOU season 4 premiered, the audience expected a showdown between Joe Goldberg and his newfound adversary. But little did they know that Joe would be the pawn of someone unexpected, and there would be a huge psychological twist in the end. Well, the second part, released on March 9, treads on that path to reveal the twist.

The second half of season four takes viewers on a wild ride. Joe, played by Penn Badgley, is back in London after evading being killed by the 'Eat the Rich' Killer, revealed to be Rhys Montrose, played by Ed Speleers. Rhys is campaigning to become London's mayor while Joe stalks his nemesis, convinced that he must beat him before he pins a slew of murders on him.

This part introduces Tom Lockwood, the father of Joe’s love interest Kate, who knows that Joe is not who he claims to be and suspects him of being a killer. 

Tom manipulates Joe to kill Rhys while Rhys also blackmails Joe into killing Tom. This puts Joe in a trap as a pawn in a cat-and-mouse game between Rhys and Lockwood, but there is one more twist that recasts the entire season, making it something entirely different from what it has been thus far.

In a plot twist, it’s revealed that the Rhys Joe has been talking to is purely based on his imagination. Rhys exists in the real world but doesn’t even know Joe. This imaginary Rhys is a creation of his fracturing psyche, an alternate personality that embodies his darkest impulses. 

With this alternate-personality twist, YOU's writers give shape and form to the accumulated sins of Joe Goldberg that he can't reason his way around.

But the psychological twist isn’t the only thing happening in this show. Marienne, Joe’s former lover, was kept captive in a cage for a long time, but apparently, Joe’s fractured psychology made him forget about her. 

Nadia, Joe’s literature class student, becomes suspicious of Joe and stalks him well enough to find Marienne. What will Joe do? Will he eliminate Tom from his path? How is he going to stop Nadia from exposing him? Will he finally step away from the murderous path? The viewers will have to watch the show to get the answers. 

The final episode can be considered the best or worst, with plotlines concluding either off-screen or with unhinged twists. Season five has not been announced, but it seems assured, given the show's popularity. 

There are hints as to what the future could hold, but the show might not get more hype than now. It's fun to watch Joe plan how to get away with murder, just like it's enjoyable to see the writers figure out how to make sense of the chaos in the show.

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