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Creamy Avocado smoothie perfect for Iftar

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Moroccan ZaaZaa is a one-of-a-kind post-fasting treat enjoyed during Ramadan. This decadent concoction blends the unexpected: creamy avocado, sweet fruits, and a variety of toppings, creating a layered sundae in a smoothie form.

The main ingredient in ZaaZaa, avocado, might surprise some. In many cultures, avocado is seen as a savoury food. However, it's also enjoyed sweetly in Northern Africa, especially Morocco. 

The name ZaaZaa is a play on the Moroccan Arabic word for 'shaking things up,' which perfectly embodies the creativity and freedom ZaaZaa represents. 

While the origins of this delightful drink are unclear, its popularity coincides with Morocco becoming a major avocado exporter.

Despite being called a smoothie, ZaaZaa boasts layers of flavour and texture. The base blends avocado, milk, and dried fruits like dates and raisins. 

This mixture is then poured into a glass and drizzled with syrup, often chocolate, caramel, or strawberry. Sliced fruits like bananas and kiwi can be added for extra flavour. The fun part lies in the toppings, where anything goes—from KitKat bars and Oreos to whipped cream and nuts.

While ZaaZaa is available year-round, it takes centre stage during Ramadan to break the fast and replenish energy. Vast quantities of avocados are sold so people can make ZaaZaa at home, and it's also widely available at patisseries and local stores specializing in snacks.

The high-fat content of avocado and the addition of calorie-dense dried fruits and nuts make ZaaZaa very satiating. 



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