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Exploring the art of cafe decor in Dhaka   

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In addition to the refreshing aroma, energizing sips, and long conversations, some coffee shops in Dhaka offer welcoming interiors that captivate the customers at first glance. 

Cosy and pleasant decorations can influence the customers just as much, if not more, than the taste of their coffee to consider returning for another good time. Some coffee shops in Dhaka South have won the hearts of people of all ages with the warmth and charm of their ambience. 

North End Coffee Roasters 

The trendsetter in the coffee culture of Bangladesh has an ambience that welcomes almost all types of coffee lovers. As one of the leading coffee makers, North End binds people over not only the love of coffee but also the warmth and cosiness of the environment. 

The monochromatic colour scheme of the place emphasizes the scenic view of the neighbourhood through the glass wall surrounding it at some branches. 
At the Dhanmondi branch, the cafe took advantage of the high-up location, allowing ample natural light to radiate a positive vibe. 

Almost all of their branches' decors let customers connect with nature and greenery while sipping one of the best-tasted coffees in the city. 

North End's inclusive arrangement offers convenient space for professional meetings, laid-back hangouts, and long productivity sessions with comfortable seats to spend long hours at the cafe. Therefore, they became a regular place for people of all ages.

Another notable feature of North End is their mellow tune playlist that is played at the right volume to tone down the clinking and mumbles and fuel the place's cosiness. 

Nevertheless, the best part of North End's ambience is the invigorating smell of coffee, luring people in as soon as you walk in. 

Brutown Cafe

Amidst the bustling roads and restaurant hubs of Baily Road, Shiddheshwari, Brutown offers the cosiest cafe. At first glance, you are bound to notice the eccentric part of their decor- the bright yet warm shades of orange and light green. This vibrant colour combination is known to stimulate appetite. 

The visually striking interior also sets the cafe apart from other places, making it Instagrammable and attracting a wide range of people. 

Located in a busy neighbourhood, Brutown put all of its efforts into the interior while blocking the exterior view of the road. 

The warm lighting throughout the cafe sets the environment in a relaxing tone for customers to enjoy long hours. To kick off the tranquil ambience, their playlist mostly consists of the Lofi-beats, which help people concentrate or focus. The rhythm of their playlist sets an upbeat environment and makes it energetic. 

Awake Cafe and Bistro

As a fairly new cafe, Awake garnered much attention with its minimalistic and urban chic interior design. At the Dhanmondi branch, you will see ample light colour and abstract paint to emphasize the sophisticated ambience. Keeping enough space between their furniture makes the room look spacious and creates a calm, peaceful ambience. 

However, their playlist usually consists of songs from the early 2010s, which kills the cosy mood of the cafe. Using the latest hits or soothing coffee shop playlists can easily bring tranquillity to the room. 

Using glass walls to separate the smoking zone and surrounding the room also lets natural light get in and makes it look more spacious. This type of decor and a wide range of menus make it a popular choice for brunch or evening snacks and coffee. 


Located near some educational institutions in the city, Chaalchitra is a popular name among university-going students. 

The cafe promotes a love for films, from the name to the decorations to the theme. They have a dedicated wall portraying Bangladeshi and foreign movies along with light pink walls in a small space. 

They host movie streaming occasionally to let movie lovers enjoy a cup of coffee, film, and the company of people with similar interests. Their playlist consists of the latest popular indie or Bengali songs, making it a truly homely place. 

They also have a shelf full of books and board games so that customers can enjoy quality time at the cafe. The translucent binders on the windows create a cosy ambience without completely blocking the natural light, which would have made it look gloomy. 

They also have a tiny smoking zone separated from the cafe. The cafe's ethical choices in utensils, low-price menu, and focus on employees' well-being have also made them a popular choice among the young generation. 

Arabika Coffee

Unlike the mainstream cosy ambience of cafes, Arabika comes with an industrial cafe interior design. The reason why they opted for such a theme is because their primary target people are professional people. 

Most of their branches are also located near the city's employment hubs, making them a popular choice for meetings or an after-office hangout space. 

As part of the industrial interior, they use distressed wood tables, wooden benches, and comfortable couches. Some long tables have posh chandeliers above to create a bright, focused space for meetings or productive hours. 

With the right type of decor designed for a specific group of customers, these coffee shops have gained popularity quickly. These shops don't only provide coffee anymore; they also provide their customers with a space for relaxation or productivity for hours. 

Letting urban people escape the hustle and bustle for once and create a space dedicated to their comfort makes these coffee shops a beloved and integrated part of their lives. 

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