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Improving blood flow in scalp helps hair growth

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We often take care of our hair but ignore our scalp's health. If you do not have a healthy scalp, you can face hair issues like hair fall, dandruff, itchy scalp, weak hair, and split ends. And to combat all these, maintaining proper blood circulation in the scalp is necessary.

A balanced diet: Try to consume vitamin A, biotin, protein, zinc, etc., from your meals. Some food items such as peanuts, spinach, fish, egg, and chicken will help you to get these essentials. These food items will not direct the blood flow to your scalp and hair; they will enhance blood circulation to your head and body.

Physical exercises: When we start exercising regularly, we release a happy hormone called endorphins. Through this hormone, our stress is released, and we feel better. Moreover, sun rays and natural fresh air can help you to recharge your body.

Introduce scalp massage: Scalp massage can stimulate blood circulation to your scalp. While we massage our scalp, it activates the blood vessels and helps supply more oxygen and nutrients to our hair strands. You can search for some scalp massaging tips on browsing sites.

Otherwise, you can simply massage your scalp daily or thrice a week with your fingers. You can use any hair oil as a massage oil for deep penetration into your hair. Five to ten minutes of massage is good for your scalp.

Try the inversion method: You can do this step two ways: lying on your bed and gently placing the hair upside down to have blood flow to your head. Another way is to stand and try to touch your feet with your hands.

However, do not hold this position for too long, as you can have neck pain or feel dizzy. A couple of minutes is enough for beginners.

Keep stress-free: Experts say that stress can hinder proper blood flow. Also, it is said that stress can put our hair strands in a resting phase and result in hair fall. Though it is not the only reason, try to keep yourself stress-free to have a healthy mind; this will help keep your body functioning properly.

Brush your hair daily: Brushing our hair daily for 3-4 minutes can promote blood circulation in the scalp. Use a wide-toothed comb to brush your hair over the scalp gently. You should do this step in the morning and night for 3 minutes maximum. Gradually your blood circulation in the scalp will increase.

These are some healthy ways to promote blood circulation in your scalp. Besides these, you need to have a proper hair care routine and wash your hair four to five times a week if you go out of home every day, and thrice a week is okay if you stay at home mostly. Proper maintenance and care can solve any of your hair issues.

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