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Indian Cuisines: The most exquisite and diverse food family in the world

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Indian cuisine refers to Indian dishes and Indian cooking techniques. There is no particular cuisine in India. The country has a broad diversity of cuisines because of its many seasons, soil types, cultures, beliefs, and influences from other nations. 

Common ingredients

As diverse as the Indian population and the distinct cuisines are, so are the ingredients used. Masala or spice combinations for specific dishes are used. For instance, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, fennel, etc. 

In all varieties of Indian cuisine, chillies, mustard seeds, gram flour, coconut, and yoghurt are common ingredients. Cooks use ghee, a form of clarified butter with a toasted flavour. Rice dishes are flavoured and coloured with saffron. 


Spices: The spices used in Indian cooking range from

cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg to cumin, coriander, turmeric, and mustard. The blending of spices enhances the complexity and depth of flavour in Indian cuisine.

Regional diversity: India is a large country with many cultures and languages. Each region of India has a unique cuisine influenced by geography, climate, religion, and local produce. For instance, although South Indian cuisine is well recognised for using coconut and rice, North Indian cuisine stands out for its use of dairy products like ghee and paneer.

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Vegetarianism: Indian cuisine is one of the few in the world with a sizable vegetarian tradition. This is mostly due to Hinduism's influence, which forbids eating meat. Indian vegetarian food is diverse and flavourful, with many variations on classic dishes like chana masala, dal makhani, and palak paneer.

Chutneys and sauces: Indian cuisine would be incomplete without them. It relies heavily on chutneys and sauces like mango, mint, and tamarind chutney. These condiments are typically offered as a side dish.

Fried foods: Indian is well-known for its snacks with appetisers like samosas, pakoras, pani puri, velpuri, sevpuri, pav vaji, vada pao, dahi vada, chole bhature, and chaat as well as sweets like jalebi, rasgulla, and kulfi. 

North Indian Food 

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Kashmiri cuisines: In Kashmir, literally every meal is centred on rice. Another delightful dish created here is the 'Saag,' which is made with a green leafy vegetable. 

Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh: Chapatis are a popular staple cuisine in Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh. Similarly, various flours, including wheat, rice, maida, besan, and others, are used to make these chapatis. Together with chapatis, these areas also make Tandoori, Rumaali, and Naan. Nonetheless, the influence of Mughlai cuisine is noticeable in the northern region.

West Indian Food

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Rajasthan and Gujarat: Gujarat and Rajasthan are the states that best showcase the dessert-like flavour of Indian cuisine. Here, a huge range of dals and achars (pickles/preserves) are made. Famous Gujarati delicacies include dhokla, fafda, khandvi, undhiyu, handvo, ganthia, dal Vada, khakhra, and thepla. The most famous dish in Rajasthan is Dal-Baati-Churma.

Maharashtra: In areas like Maharashtra, the cuisine is frequently a fusion of both north and south cooking techniques. Both rice and wheat are used in this place with special importance. Along the coastline of Mumbai, a large variety of fishes is available. The Bombay Prawn and Pomfret are two of mouthwatering recipes.

Goa: In Goa, further south, the cooking method and food have a strong Portuguese influence. The sweet and sour Vindaloo, duck baffad, sorpotel, and egg molie, among other popular dishes, are some of this region's main courses.

South Indian food

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Since most of the states in southern India have coastal kitchens, they make extensive use of spices, fish, and coconuts. Tamilnadu cuisine commonly uses tamarind fruit to give dishes a sour flavour. It sets Tamil food apart from other cuisines. 

The lamb stew, appams, Malabar fried prawns, Idlis, Dosas, fish molie, and rice puttu are mouthwatering delicacies in Kerala. The region is also known for its sweetened coconut milk. Another food is called Puttu, which is sticky rice powder boiled in a bamboo shoot like a pudding.

East Indian Food

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The Bengali and Assamese culinary traditions are evident in Eastern India. The delicious dish of rice and fish is the main dish of Bengalis. Typically Bengalis prefer eating a variety of fish. A unique cooking method known as 'Hilsa' involves wrapping it in a leaf (paturi). The 'Roshogollas,' 'Sandesh,' 'Cham-cham,' and many other sweets are created in this area using milk.

Most Popular Indian Dishes

Pani puri: This famous street food consists of a hollow, round puri, which is a crisp deep-fried crepe filled with potato, onion, or chickpea along with tamarind chutney, chaat masala, and topped with flavoured water.

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Samosa: Samosas are a type of savoury pastry with a filling made of peas, onions, and potatoes that have been seasoned.

Dal makhani: A lentil preparation made of various kinds of black and yellow lentils

Aloo gobi: Crisp golden potatoes and cauliflower.

Palak paneer: Cubed cottage cheese cooked in blended spinach

Chana masala: Spicy stew made with chickpeas

Butter chicken: It is a style of curry cooked with spiced tomato and butter sauce with chicken. Its thick texture makes its sauce popular.

Chicken tikka masala: The main component of this dish is chunks of grilled chicken with a hot sauce. The sauce is often creamy and orange in colour.

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Paratha: Indian bread, known as paratha, is layered, flaky, and golden brown. It comes in various shapes, including circles, triangles, and squares. It is made from whole wheat flour cooked in ghee (Indian clarified butter). Common fillings for parathas include boiled potatoes, cauliflower, or radish.

Naan: Butter-brushed, doughy Indian flatbread.

Kofta: It's a meatball made with lamb, mutton, chicken, soya or vegetable with Indian spices. These are then cooked in curry,

Korma: A rich, flavorful curry made of yoghurt, cream, and spices cooked with meat or veggies.

Biriyani: A popular staple item that combines meat and rice. In almost every state of India, biryani is cooked with different spices, flavours and techniques.

Kebab: Meat pieces or minced meat are seasoned with spices and burn it over coal.

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Side dishes: Padadum, Raita, achar, chutney.

Dessert: Kheer is the name for a sweet that resembles rice pudding in America. Basmati rice, milk, raisins, sugar, cardamom, and almonds make up this dish. 

Indian ice cream, known as kulfi, is made by boiling reduced milk, chilling it, and then flavouring it with mango juice, rose water, and sugar. Some well-liked desserts include the carrot-based Gajar Halwa, coconut soufflé, mango mousse, and Gasgase Payasam. Sweets from Eastern India are well-known.

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Drink: Chai is the most popular drink in India. Sweet lassi is a yoghurt shake that can also be flavoured with the common fruit mango. 

Popular herbal teas like ginger and lemon can be used medicinally to treat dyspepsia. Tea is more popular than coffee, while roadside booths and kiosks provide sugarcane, mango, guava, and coconut milk drinks. Jal Jeera(a drink made of water and roasted cumin) may satisfy your craving for saltiness.

Indian food around the world

Indian cuisine is available in almost every corner of the world now. Several countries in the global market have taken notice of Indian cuisine due to its flavour, texture, ethnicity, and exceptional taste. 

Indian food has influenced other cuisines worldwide in terms of ingredients like onion, garlic, spices, and meat cooking methods. This includes American, Mexican, South African, Italian, and Mexican food. 

Even though Indian food is widely available in Canada, nations like the United States and the United Kingdom have had a huge impact. 

Individuals from these countries also travel to India particularly to acquire instruction and learn Indian cuisine, after which they return home and modify the recipe or add a new twist to produce meals similar to those they learned in India. 

In Bangladesh, people love Indian dishes since the dishes match our taste buds. Even Bangladesh sells street food, including Indian specialities like chole bhature, dosa, dahi vada, and Indian-style panipuri.

There are many well-known Indian restaurants in Bangladesh. Tarka, Khana Khazana, Mumbai Express, Lucknow and Handi are worth mentioning.  

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